Quit Smoking without putting on pounds


Many people complain that they gain weight after they left smoking. However, the gain of weight is only up to 5-10 pounds. People get frustrated because they think that they replace their one bad habit with excessive weight gain.

Actually, few reasons are present behind weight gain and hunger after leaving smoking. The intake of nicotine present in tobacco raise the rate of metabolism and thus, it burns calories faster and more in number. Later when you kick this habit, the rate of metabolism decreases to some extent with the susceptible increment in weight. It also came in the light that the level of the serotonin that is a kind of neurotransmitter responsible for relax and calm feeling decreases when you quit smoking, this lead to carbohydrate cravings and irritability. So, if you take some starchy and sweet foods, then the level of serotonin increases again and thus you feel comfortable.

Apart from above biological factors smoking also consumes some of your free time from daily schedule. Now, once you leave this habit your time that you earlier spend in smoking is now free and so you prefer to sit idle. As you remain free and sit idle at that time it helps in the weight gain. So now the question emerges how to quit smoking without putting on pounds?

It is a fact that quitting smoking is far better than gaining some weight. This smart decision would improve your physical fitness and overall health. The weight loss is quite easy than leaving smoking. Therefore, if you want to kick out your bad habit, then it is more appreciating rather than looking quite fat. Weight gain can reduce within few months by simple exercises.

In order to help you from weight gain after quitting smoking here are some suggestions that can help you. Some tips to minimize weight gain and hunger just after leaving smoking are:

First when you decide to quit smoking, study some of the experiences of such people who have already left this habit. Through such study you would know about the problems that they would have faced while doing so. Thus, you can take measures at right time when you face similar problem.

Second thing to do is: plan some activities that you can do in that time when you urge to take a cigarette. You can go for coffee break, chat with friends, go for walk or you can do few errands.

In addition, try to keep yourself busy especially your hands. In evening time when you are mostly free, do some gardening, check your emails, do some beauty treatments at home like manicure, cook some easy recipe etc. Thus by these ways you can quit smoking without gaining weight.