Quit Smoking To Look Young

Quit smoking

Want to look young? Quit smoking. Yes, what you just read is right! All of us are informed about the ill effects of smoking but hardly a few among us could really get rid of this addiction. It is not that we would not like to, it is just that it seems so difficult. As you complete reading what is going to be written now, you will make it a point to quit smoking, no matter how addicted you may be!

It is a commonly known fact that cigarette can lead to lung cancer. The poisonous tobacco that we smoke affects the heart too and can decrease the number of years you are going to live. But do you know that smoking speeds up the aging process? Yes it does. When you smoke a puff of cigarette, it sends about a trillion particles of tobacco in the lungs that is absorbed by the blood. The veins carry the carbon mono oxide, carbolic acid, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and nicotine enriched blood to the various parts of the body. The part that absorbs most of these chemicals is the skin.

Skin covers up the whole of the body. It is the first one to absorb all the nutritional value of the food we consume and the fresh oxygen that we inhale. Similarly, skin is the first one to absorb all the trillions of particles that are a combination of these deadly chemicals. Now imagine what your innocent skin is going through. The oxygen and healthy nutrients make your skin look young, fresh and radiant.

Exactly the opposite is done by all these chemicals. These chemicals leave purple-grey colour beneath your skin and what surfaces is yellowish colour. The face loses its blushing redness or the pink glow and there creeps in the yellow colour of the deadly chemicals. These harmful chemicals are responsible for the wrinkles, lines and aging of the skin. The collagen present in the skin gets reduced to a great extent. Collagen is the compound present in the skin responsible for maintaining the youthful look. The smoke is also responsible for making the skin thin up to a whooping forty percent!

So if you really want to maintain the healthy, youthful glow of your skin, quit smoking.

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Richa Kumar