7 Quick Tips To Grow Hair Faster Naturally

7 Quick Tips To Grow Hair Faster Naturally

7 Quick Tips To Grow Hair Faster Naturally

Long hairs have always been identified with youth and beauty in all the cultures. Poets have written long verses about beauty of a woman with long hair. It is, therefore, natural for women folk to cultivate the desire to have long locks.

Ironically, modern age curses like poor nutrition, stress, overuse of chemicals do not let the hair grow long. If your hair do not grow or tend to stabilize after achieving certain length then this article is meant for you.

Here, we will present you some tips which will make your hair grow faster.

How To Grow Hair Faster

Massage Your Hair Daily

The simplest way to help hair grow quicker is by massaging your scalp daily. Experts believe that new hair take time to sprout through the layers of dirt, oil, grime and skin cells therefore massaging hair daily at bedtime for 10 minutes gives way to the hair follicles to grow.

Massage your Hair Daily

Be gentle when you massage your hair otherwise you will break your hair before growing.

Trim Regularly

If you want to grow your hair faster then be regular with their trimming. It may sound contradictory but the fact is that hairs tend to get damaged at the ends and damaged hairs do not grow.

Trim Regularly

So, it is important to trim your hair every two months. Ask your hair professional to trim only split ends so that length may remain maintained.

Use Right Type Of Shampoos And Conditioners

It is important to choose right kind of shampoos and conditioners for maintaining hair health. If you choose wrong shampoos and conditioners for your hair type then they will not let your hair grow to their optimum and will make them weak as well.

Use Right Type of Shampoos and Conditioners

So, if you have dry hair then b which are hydrating, if you have damaged hair then go for nourishing products and if you have oily hair then go for products containing citrus extracts which help in controlling oil secretion.

Eat Well

It is very important to eat right kind of foods for hair growth. If you constantly live on a junk diet and want to grow your hair then it will be next to impossible to do so. Your hairs need nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamins, protein and calcium to grow optimally.

Feed your hair good diet and see the difference within a couple of months. Include eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy products in your diet.

Eat Well

During winters, if you find it hard to munch on raw fruits and vegetables then sauté them, make stir fries and consume them. The idea is to give your hair and body adequate nutrients on daily basis. Make it a habit to snack on healthy foods like a handful of nuts or seeds, a fruit smoothie or a clear vegetable soup.

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Use A Suitable Hair Pack Every Week

Good hairs require good nourishment from inside as well as outside. For providing your hair nutrition from outside, go for a weekly hair pack. If you have dry hair, go for olive oil, honey and egg yolk combo, if you have oily hair go for weekly vinegar rinses and egg white and curd combo.

Fenugreek hair pack

People with normal hair can go for yogurt and ripe banana hair pack. The idea is to provide hair nourishment and hydration. Fenugreek seeds soaked overnight and ground into a fine paste can be used for any hair type. Fenugreek hair pack promotes hair growth and adds luster to hair.

Manage Stress

Any kind of stress – physical or mental, is bad for hair. Stress leads to hair fall and brings hair growth to a halt. To avoid stress, learn to meditate or practice deep breathing exercises.

deep breathing exercises

These techniques calm our mind from within and teach us how to handle stress. There are many techniques of meditation, you can choose and practice one of them, which suits your ideology and temperament most.

Stay Away From Harmful Ways Of Styling Hair

If you are too much into blow drying and brushing your hair then it can damage your hair permanently. In fact heat and friction are two biggest enemies of long hair as they damage the outermost covering layer of hair making it prone to breakage and splitting.

Stay Away from Harmful Ways of Styling Hair

Always use a fine toothed comb for your hair and before blow drying use a heat shield spray on your hair to ward off evil effects of blow drying. You can also achieve waves by braiding damp hair and then opening them after a while. This method can minimize your regular use of blow drier.

The above mentioned tips can help your hair grow faster and people fall in love with your crowning glory.

Ritu Insaan