Quick Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

Quick Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

Quick Tips For Healthy Hair Growth Flaunting healthy hair is every woman’s dream. If you want to have long and healthy tresses then it is important to take care of your overall health because healthy hairs are a reflection of a healthy body. You can achieve healthy hair by choosing a healthy lifestyle combined with careful selection of hair care products. Here are a few tips for achieving healthy hair.

Tips for Growing Healthy Hair

Eat Healthy

It is important to eat a well balanced diet for healthy hair. Some nutrients are more important for hair health than others like protein, zinc, omega -3 fatty acids and biotin. All these nutrients play very important role in hair’s health. Protein is the building block of hair strand and its deficiency leads to brittle hair, a deficiency of zinc leads to hair fall, biotin deficiency leads to brittle and weak hair and omega – 3 fatty acids’ deficiency makes hair dandruff prone, rough and dry.

Therefore, it is important to consume foods which are rich in these nutrients. You can make foods like kidney beans (rich in biotin, zinc and protein), walnuts (zinc and omega – 3 fatty acids), poultry products (iron and protein) and whole grains (zinc, iron and B vitamins) a part of your staple diet. Besides, make it a rule to eat healthy all the times. Any healthy food will have some or other nutrients which will boost your overall health and consequently your hair health.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking adequate amount of water is very important for promoting hair health. Drinking sufficient amounts of water hydrates hair shaft and scalp and keeps hair healthy. Water eliminates toxins from our blood stream and keeps impurities away from our hair. Aim to drink 8 glasses of water a day. During winters, meet your target by sipping hot water throughout the day.

Deep Condition Hair Regularly

Deep conditioning helps moisture and nutrition penetrate your hair shaft and reach to the core of your hair. This nourishes hair and makes them healthy. Deep condition your hair every week for best results. You can deep condition your hair at home also. Massage your hair with warm oil. You can take olive, jojoba, coconut, almond or any other hair oil for the massage. After massaging your hair gently for almost 15 minutes go for a deep conditioning hair mask.

Quick Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

Mix a table spoon of hung curd with a table spoon of honey. For dry hair, take egg yolk and for oily hair take one egg white. Mix egg into this mix. Apply this pack in the roots and shaft of your hair. Wear a shower cap and secure it with some hair pins. Now dip a towel in hot water and squeeze excess water out from it. Put this towel on your head for next 5 minutes. Repeat the process after 5 minutes. This deep conditioning treatment provides nourishment to hair and makes them soft and lustrous.

Choose Right Hair Brush

Selection of good hair brush is very important for promoting hair health. Throw away all the plastic and wooden brushes you have bought for yourself. Instead, buy two brushes for your hair. A boar bristled brush for dry hair and rubber toothed wide brush for wet hair. These brushes do not damage hair and hence help in promoting hair growth. Be gentle while brushing your hair, detangle tangled hair gently and never snap your hair. Brush your hair when they are damp and avoid brushing wet hair.

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Useful Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

Trim Hair Regularly

It is important to cut split ends regularly in order to promote hair growth. Split ends are a sign of damaged hair and damaged hair cannot grow into healthy ones. If left untreated, the split ends begin to reach up and damage entire hair length. Hence, make it a rule to trim your hair every two months.

Practice Safe Styling

Stay away from those styling methods which use heat and friction. Blow drying, for one, can inflict a lot of damage to your hair.

Quick Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

Blow drying makes hair dry, dull and weakens them which leads to hair breakage. Do not unnecessarily curl, straighten or color your hair. All these styling methods use a lot of chemicals and damage hair shaft. Keep your hair natural and learn to love and flaunt them in their natural and healthy avatar.

Protect Your Hair

Protect your hair from things which can inflict damage to them like sun, chlorine and wind. Use shampoos and conditioners with SPF, cover your hair with a head scarf or umbrella while going out in sun and keep your hair tied in a bun when you drive your bike. Also, ensure to wear a cap when swimming because chlorine can wreak havoc on your otherwise healthy hair.

These tips can help you grow healthy hair and look beautiful.

Ritu Insaan