Punk Hairstyles For Girls To Get Wild And Chic Look

punk hairstyles for girls

punk hairstyles for girls If you prefer to stand out in a crowd; the best way is to flaunt a punk hairstyle. Punk hairstyles, which are more of a subculture than merely a hairstyle, can be stated as the most head-turning and individualistic haircut.

Weirdness and multiple colors are the two major aspects that punk brings to anyone’s mind. Punk haircuts convey a very strong ‘I don’t care’ style statement and self-expression. Commonly considered as mysterious, dark and morose; punk hairstyles are extremely popular among teenagers and youngsters, who treat it as a way of their individualistic expression.

The roots of this fierce haircut can be traced back to the punk rock music genre of the 1970s in the US, UK and Australia. Some of the punk musicians were Kathleen Hanna, Kim Gordon and Debbie Harry. The originally short and choppy haircut of the male musicians became categorized as the classic punk rock look, and various associated styles emerged from different sub-cultures.

Numerous experiments in color combinations and cuts have been tried, making the punk rock hairstyles a very idiosyncratic style statement. The personality attached to this particular hairstyle is swayed by diverse cultures and movements. Though originated in the late 70s, it is still going great guns.

Crazy hair is just one aspect of being ‘punk’, which is a by-product of the 1070s music genre. Being punk is an attitude and mind-set that is accentuated with the outward styles. Punk hairstyle is just one aspect, and the others are: leather jackets, chains, ripped jeans etc. Indie and Emo are some similar crazy cuts, but nothing can match punk.

Punk Look For Girls

Punk haircuts and the variants of emo and gothic cuts are for those young girls who dare to look unique and different from other members in their group or circle. One advantage of this erratic hairstyle is that it will go very well with any face shapes. Punk is considered to be the most stylish hairstyle that will bring out and display a young girl’s self-confidence.

It suits a teenager since punk is all about experimenting with different colors and funny ideas. It is a synonym for rebellion as most modern girls are afraid of nothing and want to express their ideas and opinions freely and fearlessly. Hence, punk haircuts are the best suited for young teen girls.

types of punk hairstyles for girls

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The ‘out of the ordinary look’ is the most seeming character of punk hairstyles. Bright and vibrant colors are usually used to make it more head-turning. Transition from a normal to punk rock can take just a few minutes with a few strokes and cuts. Emu and Gothic hairstyles containing asymmetrical shapes and partially shaved sections have been evolved from punk.

Different Types of Punk Hairstyles

There are several types of punk hairstyles, and adopting slight changes in these hairstyles will give a totally new look to the punk hairstyle wearer. Not only that this kind of hairstyles perfectly fit every facial shape, but also suit different hair lengths. In order for everyone to make style statements with this funky hairstyle, hairstylists have fashioned beautiful punk hairstyles on medium and long hair as well.

Original Punk Hairstyle: This can be stated as the most daring of all the punk hairdos, which was widely popular in the 1980s. With the use of abundant use of hair gel, the complete hair strands will be spiked in centre creating a wild look. These spikes will be made the centre of attraction by colouring it in vibrant bluish-purple or crimson colors.

Pop Punk Hairstyle

Exclusively meant for girls, pop punk hairstyle is for long-haired people. The hair will be partly highlighted and will be settled in a messy way. Different color combinations will be used on different portions of hair. This hairstyle is the most tried punk hairstyle by girls, who want to keep their long hair. A major celebrity personality who flaunts this hairstyle is Avril Lavigne.

Skate Punk Style:

punk hairstyles for girls

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This punk hairstyle involves lopsided cuts and bright coloration at the ends. Since the ends of hair are dyed in different bright shades, it offers an individual style statement and looks naughty and chic. Kelly Osbourne is a major celebrity who flaunted this haircut.

Death or Horror Punk:

This is a unique punk hairdo, which looks similar to Gothic look. The entire hair will be colored blue-black or simply black shade. One way to make it look different is by creating spike in the Mohawk style or keeping the hair in prom punk hairstyle.

Mohawk Hairstyle:

Mohawk, also known as Mohican hairstyle, is a unique punk hairstyle that has the credit of being in action for more than twenty years. This is a really stand apart hairdo with both sides of the head shaved, sporting a strip of hair in the centre. The spiked hair at the top will be shaded in various colours as the highlight.  Mohawk is very popular among men also. David Beckham is a major celebrity who showcased this haircut. Chelsea Mohawk is the girlish version of this hairdo featuring small bangs in front of the face.

There Are Various Forms Of Mohawk Hairstyles Namely:

Dread Hawk featuring dreadlocks; Liberty Spikes sporting spikes at the centre of the head resembling the Statue of Liberty; Reverse Mohawk, where the hair is shaved from the centre of the head; Side Hawk with a completely different look; Faux Hawk, which is the latest version of Mohawk hairstyle featuring short sides and longer hair from the centre; Bihawk; Trihawk, where hair strips are  separated in between by shaved portions; and Fanned Mohawk.

Punk hairstyle needs huge amount of care to maintain it in a stylish and healthy way. Since hair care products such as gel, hairspray and intense colours have to be used generously, one must know the right way of using it. Hair colouring tips should be learnt from expert hairstylists to avoid potential damage to hair.

It is true that punk hairstyles cannot be usually seen in a common crowd, since it is only for the bold and daring youth. Characterised by volumes and vivid colours, it makes one stand apart. Though Emo hairstyles and the Indie hairstyles are modern and refined versions of punk hairstyles, they are not truly punk.