Punishing Your Children

punishing your child

Sometimes when your child misbehaves in a family gathering or intentionally breaks an expensive artifact of you friend, you feel angry and agitated. You are in a dilemma because you cannot punish your child too harshly but neither can you avoid the misdemeanor of your child.

Disciplining your child from the early years is necessary to ensure that your child grows up into a well behaved mature individual.

Parents, in such cases, can use the technique of ignoring which is considered as a mild punishment. But the effects of ignoring your child can bring marked improvement in your child’s behavior. A child craves for the attention of his parents. When you ignore your child, you deprived him of the most critical reward. This technique is extremely helpful when your child has developed a habit of irritating you by misbehaving.

When you will ignore your child, your child will be disconcerted and will pause to think about his actions. The lack of a reaction, be it anger or surprise, will discourage your child from repeating the bad habit.

After a while, due to lack of a stimulant, he will abstain from the activity and think of other means of catching your attention. Once your child has stopped the inappropriate habit, make sure to appreciate him and tell him about the negatives of a bad habit.

Parents may find it difficult to ignore their child especially when children start crying. If your child has developed a habit if crying every time you refuse to give him a chocolate, you have to stay determined on your decision and ignore the child’s whining. Giving into the whims and fancies of your child is bound to make him spoilt. To ignore your child, you can simply look away and remain silent even after his repeated begging.

Your child may become aggressive and adopt other means of irritating you. The child can start yelling or running in the room. But you have to ignore all these actions and abstain from becoming a prey to the child’s unhappy face. Don’t forget that you are doing this for the benefit of your child.