Prom makeup-tips for applying makeup for prom


Prom seems to be the night of their lives for almost any teen. Girls may take days to plan their dress, shoes, makeup and hairdos. It seems to be the next big thing to a wedding, only much more fun. Every girl wants to look their best and different from how they have looked all year. All they want to do is to present a better, good looking self to their friends.

Prom can be quite a night and if you have the right makeup and clothes, you can shine your way through the night. Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind while applying makeup for your prom.

Take some inspiration
If you are not sure what look you want or what will look good on you, then simply browse through some teen magazines and find out which look you want. You can take the magazine to your makeup artist who can copy the look on you. Do not be afraid, you will not be the weird girl with the magazine. This will only help your makeup artist be sure about what you want so you will able to look your best.

Add some blush
Blush will give you the virginal flushed look that is very much wanted. For a cool complexion, a rosy blush and for warmer complexions, bronze blush will work great.

Choose between eyes and lips
You do not need to highlight both your eyes and lips. You can choose between one of them, the best one that you know. Then you can highlight either one and thus even out your entire look.

If you are highlighting your eyes, you should find for yourself a good mascara that will enhance your eyes and make them look bigger and brighter. For fair lashes, a brown mascara and for darker lashes, you can use black-brown or black for greater enhancement.

If you are looking to focus on your lips, then go for lip-gloss instead of lipstick. Shine is in these days. While choosing the shade, keep in mind that your lip colour should not wash out your face.

Get enough rest
If you are rested enough, it will show on your face. Therefore, leave the partying for the prom night. Before that, remember to sleep well, so that you have a fresh face at the prom. Besides, it is much easier to work on a fresh face than one that is tired.

Do not overdo it
Remember that less is oftentimes more. Therefore, keep it less. It will make you look more natural and more beautiful. After all, you do not want to look like a made-up doll.