Problems Of Rosacea And Ways To Treat It

rosacea treatment

rosacea treatment We often get quite perturbed and hassled, whenever we experience any problem on our face. There are many such conditions which can affect the beauty of your face and Rosacea is one such condition, which affects quite a few people but often gets undiagnosed. This is because not many people are aware of this condition and the symptoms of rosacea are similar to other skin problem like acute acne.

When the blood vessels on the face dilates and appear pink or rosy, mainly around the nose, cheeks or forehead, this condition is termed as rosacea. It is most common in fair skinned people and people generally mistake it for rash, sun burn or chapped skin.

The main symptom of rosacea is red face. The blood vessels would show very prominently of the face. The patient can have watery eyes and can also have coarse skin around the fore head area. This condition can affect any person at any stage in life but is more commonly seen in middle-aged people. This condition worsens if the patient has acne problem also. It is often seen that some feelings can also instigate this condition like stress.

There are factors that make this condition worse and in order to get cured you should stay away from all such factors. Diet plays an important role and it is advised to pay heed to what you eat. Stay away from fatty and unhealthy food. You should restrict intake of spicy food in your diet as they can cause inflammation to your skin. You diet can sometimes play as the main culprit for your condition. You should also stay away from alcoholic drinks as it can make your condition all the more difficult to handle. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are a good way of getting cured, so include some fish rich in omega-3 fatty acid in your diet.

It is advised to be very discreet in choosing cosmetics for your skin. You should choose herbal products as they are safer compared to other cosmetic options. If you notice any inflammation on your skin after using some product then discontinue its usage. Keep registering the effect of various cosmetics on your skin.

Once you notice any symptom associated with this problem you should consult a dermatologist without a delay. Your doctor would analyze the severity of your condition and offer you treatment based on that. There are various antibiotic medicines that can be prescribed to the patient to get rid of the inflammation. The doctor can also recommend various topical ointments and creams to sooth the ill-effects of rosacea on your skin.

Apart from oral and topical medicines there are various laser treatments available to cure rosacea. The laser treatment would help you to get rid of redness and the fading the appearance of blood vessels on your face.

It is seen that weather conditions, food items and emotional imbalance can take a toll if you are suffering from rosacea. Although it is believed that there is no permanent cure for rosacea but with proper prevention and cure you can take control of your condition.

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