Preventing Birth Defects– Tips To A Healthy Pregnancy

prevent birth defects

Pregnancy is one of the loveliest phases of woman’s life. Yet this is a delicate process involving a number of complex functions connecting the woman’s reproductive system which is responsible for fertilization leading to conception of the fetus and its development during the gestation period which is roughly a span of 266 days.

Though one looks forward to a happy, healthy and successful pregnancy resulting in the delivery of a healthy, normally functioning baby but many unfortunate cases happen where a baby may be born with single or multiple birth defects. There are many such defects which even science couldn’t answer accurately as to why these happen.

Some birth defects may be caused due to some genetic disorder while some may occur simply because of negligence or careless behaviors on the part of the expectant mother. Both minor and major birth defects happen which may be functional, structural or metabolic and may create impediments in the normal functioning and effective growth and all round development of the baby.

Whatever reasons maybe attributed to for birth defects an expectant mother can only take few healthy steps to prevent such mishaps happening with her fetus. Women who look forward to cherish motherhood should remember that it’s not only the pregnancy phase that counts but their global lifestyle and habits which work together to give them a healthy pregnancy.

Being aware, learning about the possibilities of birth defects and how to prevent them are most essential for the woman looking forward to motherhood. The woman’s body along with the reproductive system is the most vital structure that is necessary for a pregnancy; therefore one must take good care of this whole mechanism by leading a healthy lifestyle, avoiding unhealthy habits and junk foods. Excessive drinking and smoking invariably damages the delicate reproductive system which may give rise to babies with severe birth defects.

Sometimes the age of the mother also becomes a reason for birth defect possibilities. Women must try to conceive by early thirties or if they become pregnant later must definitely go for birth defect screening tests.

Multivitamin and folic acid intake not only assists in conception but also ensures healthy development of the fetus. Women suffering from some diseases must take effective measures by consulting the physician for healthy pregnancy. Also try to avoid dangerous places and toxic exposures during pregnancy.

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