Preventing and fixing shaving problems


Shaving is one of the most preferred ways to get rid of unwanted hair. It is the simplest way since the cost involved and the time required is relatively lesser than when compared to other methods like waxing, sugaring or laser treatment for removal of hair.

Though it is the most routine method used; it does have its own problem. If not taken enough care the skin texture and the moisture of the skin may be lost due to continuous shaving.

Some of the easy ways to prevent shaving problems are as stated below. Care must be taken that a shave is not done on a dry skin. This is because if you shave on a dry skin there are possibilities of rashes developing due to the sharpness of the razor. Also the skin loses its original moisture when shaved in dry conditions. It is very essential that the skin is made wet and supple before a shave so as to retain the moisture of the skin.

Razor burns are another common feature that a person may experience due to shaving. This may be due to many reasons like, the sharpness of the razor, cleaning of the blades and replacing the blades. It is a must to replace the razor with new blades every week since if the blade is used for a longer duration there are possibilities of infection.

The use of a shaving gel or a lotion is very important since that helps in maintaining the texture of the skin. Use of soap may make you feel god for the moment but in the long run the skin loses its suppleness and gets dried because of the usage of soap.

Shaving must always be done in the opposite direction in which the hair grows. Generally immediately after shaving people may get rashes if the skin is very sensitive. In such cases a moisturizing lotion must be applied immediately so as to get relief from the inflammation. Aloe Vera gels can also be a very good alternative to be used after a shave.

In areas where there is loose skin, care must be taken that the skin is held tight before shaving since not taking this precaution may end up giving rise to cuts or wounds because of the loose skin.

Another easiest way to prevent problems due to shave is to use an electric razor. It may not give a close shave as the manual razors but are very safe when compared to manually shaving with razors.