Prevent childhood obesity


Due to changing lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits, young children are facing the problem of obesity. Obesity is a very unhealthy condition and it can lead to many serious problems. Therefore, it becomes very important in infants to prevent obesity.

The first and foremost thing to be done in this regard is to take care of what you feed you little infant. It is very essential to feed just mother’s milk in the initial six months and then semi-solids and solids should be gradually introduced. Take care that in the initial years a child’s digestive system is very weak, so plan the diet of the child accordingly. Child should be weaned off mother’s milk gradually after one year.

It is very essential to be very supportive to your child if your child is obese. Remember that with your love and care only your child can get rd of this problem. Just explain to him what his body is going through and be very careful in understanding his problems. Remember that if you are not supportive, then this can have a negative effect on his personality.

Changing lifestyle is the key to preventing and curing this problem. Encourage your child to be physical active instead of watching TV. Take good care of his diet. Make sure that he eats a balanced, healthy and nutrient-rich diet. Include non fatty dairy products, fruits, green vegetables, fat free breads, calorie and sugar free juices. Change your lifestyle in order to set a good example for him. Involve him in family activities like trekking, biking, swimming or any other outdoor sports which involves physical activity.

Remember that obesity in a child is a problem and it can surely be treated. A little effort on your part, combined with the efforts of your child, can really cure this problem and result in a healthy and active body.

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