Pregnancy week 39


Your baby is waiting to see the world and get the fresh breath of open air. He or she begins to develop the fat in the body to control the body temperature after entering this real world. The baby may be well developed weighing about 7 pounds and measuring 20 inches by length. The baby may be found to be developing new skin below the sloughing off old layer of skin.

You will need to be in close supervision with your doctors at this last couple of weeks of pregnancy. Your doctor will need to do regular abdominal checks to check the baby’s position and growth at this time. Some internal tests may also be taken in this time to check the condition of cervix.

To check the ripening, softening, effacing and dilating of the cervix, these tests may be taken. But these tests are only to check the status of your organs and the development of the baby. The tests may not really produce results of when the delivery can happen exactly.

If there is a delay in the delivery, then you may undergo fetal testing to ensure the safety to continue the pregnancy. If the labor pain is not experienced within another couple of weeks, then the practitioners will induce the labor to avoid the risk in delaying the delivery. Risk in waiting further beyond the overdue period is much greater than inducing the labor for a safe delivery.

To ensure the safe delivery, you should take care in monitoring the movements of your baby and inform your doctor if you see any decrease in the movements. Any slowdown in the movements may be a sign of problem for the baby. If your water has broken, then you will need to inform the doctor soon.

Before the beginning of the labor, membrane ruptures can be seen in few pregnancies. When you feel a leak, how much ever smaller it be, call the doctors immediately. If the membranes are ruptured and the contractions did not begin, then it is safe to induce labor for safe delivery. You will need to be relaxed in this time, no panic if you observe any change and be in contact with the doctors regularly.