Pregnancy week 37


In the week of 37 in pregnancy, you can feel the baby make little head movements. With only four more weeks for delivering the baby, you may find the same maternity clothing fitting comfortably in this week as well, but a little snuggy.

The baby may be developed to 6 pounds of weight and 14 inches in length. With this development in baby, you will wonder your clothes getting little snuggy. The baby is developed enough to make little movements and lift the head too. The baby now reaches the sleep-wake life cycle also. The baby may sleep more when you are active and busy.

It is the time when you will need to start packing the labour bags. May be it is little early to plan for the packing, but it is good to start much earlier to not miss anything you will need during delivery. Although it is rare to expect the delivery of your baby happen in this week.

In this week of pregnancy, it is not unusual to feel heartburn or other indigestion problems. With the baby developed, uterus is filled and pushed towards the stomach, not much space will be left for the stomach portion. So you will need to be careful while eating, so you don’t fill the stomach totally. Overeating or full filling of stomach may cause the heartburn sensations. So in this period, make a habit of eating small but frequent meals. Care should be taken not to eat spicy or greasy foods. Fatty foods will cause indigestion problem in this period.

Also the contractions may happen frequently and can give uncomfortable feeling. If you see vaginal discharge or blood, then the delivery can be expected in a few days. Sleeping at night may be a little uncomfortable which you can manage with day long rest. In this period, it is necessary to take good rest to be prepared for the labour.