Pregnancy Trimesters: The Trio Which Accomplish A Pregnancy

Kinds Of Pregnancy Trimesters

Kinds Of Pregnancy Trimesters

Pregnancy and childbirth are remarkable stages in a woman’s life transforming her from a carefree girl to a dependable mother. These 12 months mark a considerable transition to her making her one of the most important precursors to life. This journey is full of surprising experiences, some pleasing while others (may be) not-so-pleasing ones.

Here is a brief peep into this 12 months journey categorized as trimesters. The three trimesters can be considered as transition periods preparing a woman better than before (for childbirth).

Kinds Of Pregnancy Trimesters

First Trimester – The Perfect Start

A Lot Of Hormonal Changes To Begin

The first trimester of pregnancy can be melody of emotions – surprise, happiness, excitement and apprehension. If this is your first pregnancy, you can feel the vivid emotions clearly. This phase can pass very quickly and most women may even not know of their pregnancies until they have already reversed more than half of the trimester. While you may be still guessing of what will happen next, you body has already started preparing for the coming days. A lot of hormonal changes begin which mainly aim at caring and nourishing your soon to be born baby.

Physical changes may not be very obvious now, although they are still happening. The egg has fertilized and grows into a microscopic ball of cells (called blastocyst), which gets implants on the wall of uterus. The embryo starts forming its main organs and this stage is extremely crucial for the fetus’s health. It can be particularly vulnerable to damaging substances like infection, alcohol and radiation.

Your baby is now a little bigger than 1 inch in length (by the 9th week). Whether you notice or not, your uterus grows from about the size of a fist to almost grapefruit’s size. You are likely to experience mood swings and morning sickness. Consult a doctor (gynecologist) if you find it difficult to cope with your emotions.

Second Trimester – The Subtle transition

Your Baby Is About 10 Inches Long And Can Have A Weight Of About 1.5 Lb

This stage of pregnancy can be easy on you. You can now feel your fetus moving by about the second half of this trimester. This movement, which might have been earlier as well, can now be strong enough to be felt. At the end of this trimester, your baby is about 10 inches long and can have a weight of about 1.5 lb (680 g). Your baby is still growing but not too crowding for the abdominal organs. But your body is still to encounter the last trimester now, which may be testing.

Third Trimester – The Right Ending

After Week 32, Your Baby Becomes Too Big To Move Around Effortlessly May Slow Down

The third trimester of pregnancy, which begins from week 28, continues until child birth. a full-term pregnancy can deliver anytime between week 37 to week 42. Although most of the vital growth in the baby has been over, your baby still grows larger and his/her body organs mature. Movements may become frequent early in the last trimester. However, after week 32, your baby becomes too big to move around effortlessly may slow down.

When the third trimester is about to conclude, the baby usually descends into a head-down position in the uterus. This can cause discomfort indicating your delivery (which may arrive soon). All the events of pregnancy are synchronized, which although seem overwhelming on some occasions, in a beautiful and competent way to terminate into producing another life out of you!