Pregnancy Pains

types of pain during pregnancy

types of pain during pregnancy Pain is unavoidable during pregnancy. Many females undergo pain all over their body, while some feel pain only in particular areas. Pains can be different, ranging from headache, to leg and feet swelling, and they are usually hard to handle.

There are few pains which are normal and some pains which require instant medical attention.


Pregnant women are likely to get migraines and headaches constantly. Women who were having headaches before pregnancy can see an increased occurrence, while some females may see actually a decrease in the frequency of headaches once they are pregnant. Migraine is common during first trimester of pregnancy and these symptoms will decrease with the passage of time.

Abdominal pain

Pain in the abdomen, ovaries, or pelvic region should be properly understood and you should seek a doctor’s advice to understand why this pain is being experienced. Though it is normal to have a bit of pain in the abdomen, if you’re experiencing severe pain in the abdomen along with cramps, this can be serious and you should get treated immediately.

Pain in the abdomen can occur anytime during pregnancy. The causes for abdominal pain may include stretching of the ligaments, implantation and false labor. Avoid moving quickly to help reduce your inconvenience.

Pain in the pelvic region

When you are afflicted with pelvic pain, you will not be able to move around. This pain usually visits you when you are in the fag end of pregnancy. When the pain is present in the pelvic region, it will not allow you movement because of joints and bones which are interconnected.

When the bones and joints soften, and bones move, there will be pain. Applying heat, taking rest and stabilizing groin and hips by using a prenatal belt can help to an extent.

Ovary Pains

When you get ovary pain, you are facing a problem which can be major, like kidney stones, miscarriage, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, fibroids in the uterus, abortion which is spontaneous etc. You shouldn’t mistake ovary pain to abdominal or pelvic pain.

Many females have ovarian cysts during their childbearing ages. If you are thinking of pregnancy and if you tend to get ovarian cysts, or experience pain in the ovaries, you should seek medical advice and diagnose the problem. Cysts can be cancerous and when you are diagnosed of cysts in the ovaries, it is not a good idea to have pregnancy.

Besides the above types of pain during pregnancy, there can be other pains which a pregnant woman can experience, such as chest pain, back pain, leg or foot pain. For your chest pains, you can try some yoga classes and for your leg or foot pain, you can ease it by improving the blood circulation and resting more.

However, ensure you take your intakes of vitamins and nutrients like calcium, iron and magnesium. Whatever pains you experience during your pregnancy, you should call your doctor immediately. You do not know how much pain is considered normal and how much is serious.

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