Pregnancy Myths


preparinglabour There are plenty of old wives tales related to pregnancy. Let us examine the myths and facts of these tales.

Myth: Not revealing your pregnancy until the third month. It was believed that sharing the news early on will make others cast an “evil eye”.

Fact:  The fact is that the risk of miscarriage in the first three months is very high.Therefore, it is not prudent to announce your pregnancy to everyone and face disappointment and grief in case of a miscarriage.

Myth: How you are carrying can determine the sex of the baby. People make guess on the gender of the baby based on whether the mom is carrying wide or low or small.

Fact: The fact remains that the way a woman carries is not related to the gender of the baby. It has more to do with the position, uterus, and the body build of the mom.

Myth: Eating for two people. Most people advise would-be mom’s to double up their intake.

Fact:  The fact remains that only 300 extra calories are required for the growing child. The mother needs to have a well-balanced diet that provides minerals, vitamins, and protein essential for growth.

Myth: Breastfeeding acts as a contraceptive. Most people believe that you cannot get pregnant if you are breastfeeding.

Fact: However, this is not foolproof and there are chances of getting pregnant once the menstrual cycle resumes.

Myth: Computer exposure is harmful for pregnant women. It is believed that extended exposure to computers causes harm to pregnant women.

Fact: The fact is there is no evidence to substantiate this claim. Long hours in front of the computer may cause other discomforts, back ache etc but are not harmful.

Myth: Delivery and sleep positions. There are some beliefs that the position and direction of sleep will help in having a child of a desired gender.

The fact is that women are advised to sleep on their sides to adjust the weight of the body and ease the pressure on the back.

Myth: Coffee consumption leads to miscarriage.

Fact:  Limiting the coffee intake to 8 ounces a day will not have any effect. Anything more, affects the fetus. It is essential to increase water intake as well.