Pregnancy After Miscarriage

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Pregnancy is a very beautiful experience. It gives us happiness and a lifelong experience to cherish. But due to some circumstances some girls lose their baby in very early stage .some ladies may be unlucky many times.

This gives them a lot of stress and depression. Now there is a big question that when it is totally safe to get pregnant after a miscarriage.  Every doctor will give you a different opinion about this subject.

Some may prefer that you can get pregnant after one cycle of menstruation. The concept behind it is hCG levels must return to zero and hormone levels must have reached to normal levels by that time. They  give one more reason for this type of early conceiving that if she gets pregnant soon she may fight with this stress more effectively .if her mental condition is good then she will cope with any kind of problem.

Some doctors advice to wait for three months. So that body’s hormonal level comes to normal. Lady can come out of that emotional stress completely and replenish body’s nutrients level. They believe couple needs some time to forget their loss and come out of this grief.

Now some doctors follow the traditional approach to wait for six to eighteen months. They have their concept that waiting little loner can’t hurt you in any way. It will help you and your baby to remain healthy.

The lady who has undergone such stress will be very apprehensive and tense about getting pregnant again. She might have fear of losing her baby again. The only thing to keep in mind is to be strong, have a positive attitude towards life and believe in god. The undue stress can affect your ability to conceive again. It may harm your baby also if you are pregnant again. So be brave and face the situations.

And we should always keep in mind the number of miscarriages and the reason behind that. If you know the cause of mishap in past then in present you can definitely rectify them. Your doctor can help you to attain the better health with proper medication, diet and you should follow his advice strictly and take all necessary precautions.