Pregnancy After Abortion

Pregnancy After Abortion

Women who go through abortion have a lot of unanswered questions in their mind the biggest question is whether this abortion is going to have an adverse effect on future pregnancy? Generally, a single abortion either has a minute or absolutely no effect on future pregnancies.

Almost 45% of all women undergo at least one abortion until they are 45 years old. It is a procedure that involves ending an unwanted pregnancy at an early phase. The abortion can either be done by dilation of the cervix or medically by oral administration of an abortion pill. The few risks that are involved with these processes include incomplete abortion, perforation of uterus, injury to other organs and an allergy reaction. Though single abortion very rarely has an effect on future pregnancy, multiple abortions can lead to scarring in cervix or uterus making future conception either difficult or completely impossible. Repeated dilation also causes cervical weakening which can create difficulty in getting pregnant.

While abortions do make future pregnancy difficult, getting pregnant after you have had one is possible. There are certain steps that you must adhere to in order to stay healthy yourself and make the fetus inside you healthy.It is important that you speak to your doctor and make sure when it is safe for you to get pregnant. Ask your doctor to conduct examinations and tests to ensure that there has been no damage in your body due to abortion.

Generally, a legal abortion never poses a risk to future pregnancy but in case some damage has occurred in the cervix, you may become less likely to conceive.

Generally doctor advises rests for a time period of six to eight weeks after you have an abortion. It is recommended that you have rest during this period and practice only safe sex in order to let the body heal. After the resting period is over, you can start having sex and try to become pregnant.

You can get an ovulation kit from the market. This inexpensive kit is generally available at all pharmacy shops and you can buy it over the counter. Having sex during ovulation period can help you become pregnant faster. The ovulation kit will help you keep track of your fertile period. You can also try elevating your feet and hips during sex so that sperm can reach the eggs easily and there is better chance of fertilization.