Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

The greatest gift that we can give to our children is by being supportive, good and understanding parents. In fact, those benefiting from positive parenting are the ones who become adults with right qualities and get far ahead in life. The most valuable parenting tool we possess is the example that we can set to them as a role model.

There are a lot of parents that keep looking for parenting books and websites that are filled with parenting rules and techniques. But essentially, parenting cannot be defined by a set of rules. Parenting is not something that parents can apply and wait for sure-shot result. Parenting is actually an art in which we as parents must master and understand skillfully.

No two children are identical, so how can it be feasible that the same parenting method produces same results? The idea that proves fruitful for one child may not function similarly for the other child. For example there are sensitive kids may necessitate more protectiveness and attention while bold children may seek more freedom.

Flexibility is an important requirement of parenting. Parents need to apply different techniques at different stages. There are times, when ignoring the tantrums of your child may calm him down and at times you will need to distract his attention. Bestowing love and spending quality time with children is crucial, especially in a nuclear family. Similarly, if there is some difficult situation that the child is going through then it is important that you mold your parenting approach.

It is important to understand and keep working on parenting skills. Parenting can be compared to weeding the garden after regular intervals. It is not possible to sow a flower and expect it to bloom instantly. Similarly you have to keep changing with time and your child needs. There will be times when positive approach and even the best of your intentions would not work.

At such times, you must take care of neither blaming your child nor yourself. Never ever think that if something is going wrong with the child then it is your mistake or you are not capable enough. Whenever the child is not responding to your approach of parenting, you’ll need to change your parenting technique. One thing that will always work out is the love for your child.

No matter how old or younger child is, he will always understand your compassion and love. All that is required is understanding the reach of parenting and always keep love as its essence.