Positive Effects Of Working Mothers On Their Children

working mothers

working mothers With a number of studies examining the effect of maternal work on children’s behavior, family relation, academic performance and similar things, arriving at a conclusive idea can be a tricky job. The studies reveal inconsistent results; some suggesting negative outcomes (like behavioral problems) in children of working mothers while others considering mother’s working rather fine and optimistic. The discussion regarding the effects of working mothers, especially on children, can be continuous and remain inconclusive.

This is a front where husbands may rather not want to support their wives for reasons best known to them.  In the changing world of shifting opinions, it may be difficult to find a conclusive answer to a question as this one. Nonetheless, a change should be accepted as long as it does not upset the usual settings of relationships and society.

It is best to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of working and take the decision accordingly. Many favorable aspects of working mothers can put them to advantage and highlight the practical outcomes. In an effort to bring more clarity on the subject, some advantages and positive side effects of working mothers have been enumerated here.

Effects of Working Mothers

Weighing the Benefits of Working

When doing something which not just affects you individually but poses a host of side effects, it is imperative to weigh the advantages and disadvantages occurring out of doing the thing. It can be difficult to have an imaginary scale where you can ascertain the positive and negative outcomes of a phenomenon.

Weighing the Benefits of Working

Even if finding the best can be difficult, finding the suited should not be. A research finding throws light on this subject. The UC Irvine researchers have found out that stay-at-home mothers can be as good as working mothers. While researchers agree that there are other factors affecting child behavior and should not be restricted to maternal work alone, negative effects were observed with extremely demanding and full-time employment.

A 2008 Pew Research Center report on social trends reveals that 36% of working mothers said they were very happy with their lives which came exactly to the same percentage as stay-at-home mothers. Both the groups of mothers seemed satisfied with their family life.

Good Health and Related Consequences

While discussing the effects of working mothers, psychologists have stressed the health and well-being of mothers.  The University of North Carolina at Greenboro reported that toddler mothers who work were as healthy, sometimes healthier, as those who did not work. Working mothers reportedly also had fewer symptoms of depression.

The sense of satisfaction can be a strong driving force enabling working mothers to balance between work and home. The loss of time (as many would say) can be compensated in many other fruitful and productive ways. The enthusiasm to deliver the best within limited time serves a strong catalyst in bringing out the best within.

Promising Role Model for Life

Working mothers can serve as promising role models to their children. It is not always the extra money which serves an incentive to work. Research suggests that an employed mother serves as a positive role model to her children besides lessening other non-economic stresses on the family.

Promising Role Model

Besides financial security, women find many other reasons to work and earn a decent living. Children learn to become more responsible and aware individuals. There are several instances wherein children can be trained to become self-sufficient. This is not restricted to being responsible in the chores but extends to financial accountability as well.

Children get increased opportunities to explore their practical worlds at early age even when their peers might have been limited to putting money in their piggy banks. Financial agendas can make children more conscious of saving and valuing money.

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A Hidden Tool for Fathers

When implemented in the correct manner, mother’s working schedule can be learning lessons for fathers to apply many of the hidden parenting skills they have. The increased participation in household and child care responsibilities can make them closer to their families exploring an all new loving and caring father. This can help in creating a strong sense of bonding among the family members and can interfere with the traditional gender biased role which is rampant in society.

The Initial Years of Childhood are Crucial

It is important to know that the initial childhood days are crucial. Study shows that working mothers who are too hard pressed and involved in career may pose (some) problems to their children like low academic achievement.

Initial Years of Childhood

The wealthy may experience alleviated concerns in having a slightly higher incidence of aggressive behavior among their children whose mothers were working before they were 3. However, once the child is able to understand the practicality and actual state of affairs, things can turn favorable.