Ponds Age Miracle For Your Skin!


Pursuing its global strategy, Ponds is working hard to re-launch its image as an upmarket beauty care brand that caters to and carries a wide range of products developed especially for the South Asian skin. There are many ageing skin care lotions and potions in the market, but Pond’s in a bid to leverage itself into the premium category has worked hard to come up with a product that promises to banish old age blues.

It has opted for Priyanka Chopra as its brand ambassador to introduce its products, such as, anti-aging Ponds Age Miracle, skin lightening White Beauty and multi-illuminating Perfect Results. Developed at the company’s global technology centres, the new products are top of the line and all about helping women retain their youthful beauty and making them feel lovely. Nitin Paranjpe, Managing Director at Hindustan Levers has this to say: ‘After years of extensive R&D and technological advancements, we are offering new products and packaging that will help the Indian woman get the best in face care.’

Pond’s new beauty products promise to renew youthful looks in just seven day, their revolutionary technology will change the face the anti-aging. Pond’s Miracle Cream not only reduces age spots, it provides a noticeable change in wrinkles within just seven days. Containing Breakthrough Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA anti-Aging ingredient, Pond’s Miracle Cream unlocks the door to youthful skin, as CLA fixes the skin wherever core ageing processes have occurred. Going directly the DNA, it triggers it to reduce age spots and wrinkles. Age spots are reduced by increasing the production growth rate of new healthy baby cells, which helps rejuvenate the skin. Fine lines and deep wrinkles are reduced by increasing the support network of the skin i.e. the production of collagen and elastin.

Producing highly visible results, Pond’s Miracle Cream has proved better than any other anti-aging moisturiser. Skin looks younger, feels tighter, and has a radiant glow that was missing before you used Pond’s new beauty cream! Massage into the skin in small circles from the centre of your face towards the side, to replenish any lost moisture while stimulating cell renewal helps achieve a more even skin tone. Quick and easy to absorb, it leaves your skin looking radiant and feeling as smooth as silk!