Polka Dots – Pristine Pop Confections


Fashion trends change and fashion gurus once again make popular that which was so out for many seasons and more. That goes for the Polka culture which is back with a sizzle and a bang as Polka Dots once again reign supreme. There’s a definite retro flair, a little flavour of the 1940s and 1950s, evoking screen goddesses and fresh-faced girls next door.

Saucy pin-up girl glamour is back in style, there are vampy one-pieces, boy shorts, structured bras and lets not forget polka dot dresses and skirts – some with tiny curled hems, details so sweet and frothy – all ruffles, bows, polka dots and stripes. There are huge floral prints that look like vintage wall paper; there are crisp nautical references – swingy sailor skirts that are super smart.

And, if you are worried about what to wear with your new Betsey Johnson polka dot dress? Well, think retro bobs and 1940s makeup classic, perhaps, Mary Jane heeled shoes and a Kelly bag! After nearly a decade, fashion trends are being repeated again, none more so than the Polka dots our parents loved so well. After seeing the Bollywood movie Om Shanti Om, it is all polka dotted sarees, kurtas, scarves, chunnis and skirts.

Big or small, polka dots have made it back to popularity, in all the hues of the rainbow or classically black and white. Even the men are wearing them on their ties. They can be found on handbags, on wide bangles, on earrings, hair accessories and polka dotted shoes. Even the teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini is back in fashion. As if, it ever went away?

With so many polka dots on the fashion scene, one has to remain balanced not to go simply overboard, dressed in nothing but everybody’s favourite polka dots. Every store you reach into has racks brimming with polka dot merchandise. It’s as if they are sorry polka dots ever went away. Making up for lost time, adorable polka dots are every where this season.

However, amidst all this polka dot madness, you would be wise just to go in for a polka dotted scarf or a pretty dress! This way, you’ll be in polka dot style without the fashion police chasing you!