Perfume for Seduction

perfumeseduction Humankind has developed both evolutionarily and technically over the past millennia, but we still depend on our five senses. Smell is an incredibly important component of our everyday life, especially in how we are attracted to others.  While we may not consciously notice smell, we are subconsciously sensitive to it.

Smell is linked with memory as well.  Certain scents are linked with feelings of euphoria, worry and seduction.  Some people believe that the natural odor of a person’s body is the most sexually arousing smell in existence.  Other people use perfume and other scents to evoke feelings of passion and attraction.

The most common ingredient of perfume is musk. Musk has been around for ages, and is most commonly used as an aphrodisiac. Musk attracts our attention and reminds us of nature. It’s commonly considered a “heavy” scent, so you should purchase a scent with less musk if you are striving for a more subtle affect.

Musk isn’t the only attention-grabbing scent used in perfumes. Other commonly used odors include woodsy and spicy tones. Men usually prefer wood blends; cedar is considered particularly refreshing. Wood, like musk, conjures images of nature, which can be stimulating to those who smell it.

The exotic smell of Asian perfumes is considered sexual to some. Asian perfumes are considered mature and more sophisticated, as they usually include a blend of amber, wood, and vanilla scents, among others.

Jasmine is a floral scent, which differs in its sexual allure. It is most commonly worn by women to evoke tender, sweet or romantic feelings. Some men think that a woman who wears a floral scent is more reserved and should be protected. Women who wear a heavier scent are considered bolder.

Finally, some perfumes are meant to mimic the aromas of food. In fact, for many years, country women dabbed a little vanilla behind their ears as perfume. Whether it is apples or cherries or some other form of food product, these food-like perfumes smell delicious. Because smell is so strongly linked to memory, some odors even leave us tasting the food in our imagination.

Choosing the right perfume to enhance your natural scent can definitely make you the “scenter” of attention.