Perfect Perky Breasts

Perfect Perky Breasts

Perfect Perky Breasts

Everyone wants those uplifting perky breast that we had when we were young. All you need is a little advice from the pro’s to stay young, firm and healthy. You should know that your breasts sweat as much as your face. You must have got a clue while sitting in the sun when you felt the sweat run down in between. Wash after working out and use a light moisturizer. Don’t forget to wear light fabrics to let the skin breathe while working out.

Firming Serum

Use a firming serum on your bust to tighten up the thin layer of skin that covers your breast. Make sure to apply this before your body lotion to produce collagen and give you that lift. It dosen’t matter if you are big or small, show them off. Using a shimmering bronze powder will enhance what nature gave you. Simply brush down the middle of your breasts and use a slivery powder along the tops. This will illuminate and soften your breasts.

Wear The Right Size Bra

The size and shape of our breasts change constantly with weight gain or loss and even pregnancy. Our hormones are always on the go with every passing year. Wearing the right size bra is just as important as the right size shoe.

If you are not comfortable with someone else measuring them, there are a few simple steps to get just the right size. Put the measuring tape directly under your breasts. It is below 33 then add 5 inches, 34 to 42 add 3 inches and add 2 inches if it is above 42. This is your band size.

While wearing your bra, no matter how ill fitting it may be, measure the fullest part of your breast. Your cup size will be the difference between this number and the band size. An A is a 1 inch difference, B is 2 inch difference, C is a 3 inch difference and on and on. Choose a cup size that fits the larger of your two breasts if they are uneven.