Peptic Ulcers – Causes and Cures

Peptic Ulcers

Peptic ulcer, medically known as ulcus pepticum and stomach ulcer in common parlance occurs in the gastrointestinal tract. If left untreated it can get worse. 

These ulcers in the stomach are caused by bacterial infection from Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), and sometimes because of taking aspirin or other anti-inflammation medicines. Smoking also can result in ulcers of the stomach, so does the consumption of alcoholic drinks. Stress can also cause ulcers. In fact spicy foods or stress are not the real reason for peptic ulcers, but usually they can make them difficult to heal.

Peptic ulcers vary in their symptoms from individual to individual. Symptoms include pain in the stomach, loss of appetite and consequent weight loss, nausea, black-colored stool, fatigue, and anemia.

Natural cures for ulcers in the stomach include eating bananas daily. Boil cabbage or carrots and after they cool down, mix and make a juice of it. Drink it two times daily. Daily have a glass of lime juice, and two or three glasses of milk. Honey can be taken thrice daily. Make tea from fenugreek seeds and drink twice a day.

Add sugar to powdered gooseberry and drink three glasses a day. Goat milk is good for peptic ulcer. You can make a paste of curd and drumsticks, and consume thrice a day. Avoid all kinds of fried food, spicy food, chilies. Choose a bland diet which is easier to digest. Consume lots of milk, at four-hour intervals since pain is usually felt when there is nothing in the stomach. You can take milk, wheat and ghee in sufficient quantities.

Apart from the above diet, you should also keep worries and stress out of your way, which can aggravate the pain. Take enough rest and sleep; take a nap for an hour during the day. Constipation also worsens the condition, and therefore it should be taken care of. For a stomach ulcer patient to get relief from constipation, he should drink husk or flea-seed at bed time, or take a teaspoonful of castor oil. Laxatives should not be taken.

Ulcers can get worse if you don’t have proper sleep, if you are stressed, and worry too much. A relaxed way of life will be very helpful in treating peptic ulcer.

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