People with ED are prone to Heart Attacks

Washington: In the recent study, it has been found that men with erectile dysfunction are at higher risk to get a heart attack as compared to the men having normal sexual life. The research was being based on the patients with Type II diabetes; found that Erectile Dysfunction was a commanding early warning sign of serious heart disease, counting heart attack and death.

Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction and heart disease share an ominous link: damage to blood vessels by high blood sugar levels. Thus, the procedure that hinders the extra blood flow needed to maintain an erection can have even more grave penalty for the heart.

Almost certainly it begins with endothelial dysfunction – when the smoothness and reactivity of the blood vessel are damaged, according to Peter Chun-Yip Tong of Chinese University, Hong Kong, who led the research.

“This process encourages local inflammation on the inner surface of the blood vessels and the deposition of cholesterol, resulting in formation of clots and atherosclerosis. Therefore, there is a high risk of blockage of blood vessels in the heart, which can lead to a heart attack.”

Men typically show signs of Erectile Dysfunction more than 3 years before the onset of symptoms of coronary heart disease. In one study of diabetic men, symptoms of ED always preceded coronary symptoms.

The study underscores the importance of encouraging men to tell their physicians about the Erectile Dysfunction and of focusing treatment also on improving in general cardiovascular health.

The study also demonstrated that among patients who were taking cholesterol reducing statins, the danger of main adverse cardiac events (MACE) was abridged by 1/3rd.

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