Penis Health Care

Penis Health Care

The penis is a man’s pride and he guards it with utmost care. Caring for your penis is more than wearing condoms. Read on to find out how you can care for this revered appendage of yours.

Penis Health Care

Groom It Well

Shaving Off That Hair Can Keep Your Penis Cleaner

Some men do it as a part of their routine, while others hardly find time to do it. Shaving off that hair can keep your penis cleaner and drier. It will look stimulating and sexy. It can also increase your sensitivity when having sex and can even make you appear bigger. However, shaving your penis can be a tedious job to do. If you wax off the hair, then you might see stars in broad daylight. It can be irritating and can even lead to infection. You can always choose to trim instead of shaving off entirely.

Go Easy On The Washing

Go Easy On The Washing

Most men feel that they need to scrub their member well to keep it clean. Easy guys, remember that it is sensitive and simply warm water is enough to clean it. You should not use too much soap on your penis.  However, do clean it, but use only warm water.

Do Some Self-Examination

Do Some Self Examination

You should examine your genitals, especially if you are sexually active, at least once every month. You should check for testicular cancer. Do this after a shower or bath. Use both of your hands to hold your testicle between the fingers and thumbs and gently roll it. Check for any nodules, hard lumps, or even a change of size, shape and consistency of the testes.

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You should also check for any sexually transmitted infections. There are some common symptoms of STIs. Penis discharge that is yellow and thick or thin and watery, foul odour of semen, bloody semen, pain when having sex or even when urinating as well as ejaculating, pelvic pains, sores on the genitals, anus, tongue as well as throat, blisters that are irritating or even non-irritating and such others are symptoms common to STIs.

Do Not Panic

If you do happen to find something that is not normal, then you do not need to panic. You can always consult with your doctor to ease your fears.