Pelvic Pain Caused by Pregnancy

Pelvic Pain

Are you a victim of pain in the pelvis caused by pregnancy? When you walk, do you experience pain in your thighs, hips or buttocks? Does this pain continue when you are climbing upstairs or while sitting? Have you been diagnosed for symphisis pubis disorder?

This kind of pain in the pelvis can cause great discomfort to the pregnant woman. The pain occurs due to ligaments getting loosened apart from the strain which the muscles undergo because of the weight that is put on them. Sometimes the muscles in the pelvis region can become tense, resulting in misaligning, bringing about the pain. To get relief from this condition, here are a few tips.

Floor exercises for the pelvis can relieve the pain. Designed to support the pelvic region by strengthening the pelvic muscles, they can bring about a control on the muscles to help them take on the additional weight. Using a girdle or support belt made of elastic material can relieve your pain, akin to a knee brace helping with your joint pains.

Ascending the stairs is extremely painful when you have pain in the pelvis. You should climb up or down the stairs by lifting your body up on each stair, by placing your hands on your bottom.

Sitting posture while dressing or attending to daily chores is useful. While swimming or exercising don’t indulge in breaststroke since it adds to the strain in the hip-joints. You can sit on exercising balls to boost strength of the pelvic region, but this should be done when you are not experiencing pain.

Release the muscular portions supporting the pelvic region from pressure and twisting. You can get instant relief when releasing tension from the muscles. This is a very simple and gentle procedure which is safe and effective inasmuch as many pregnant women are adopting this method to get relief from pains during pregnancy, motherhood or labor, which treats not only the mother but the baby as well, resulting in safer childbirths.

Don’t let the pain overwhelm you; get it treated to enjoy the pleasures of maternity. After all, the joys of being a mother should not be clouded by such pains.