Party makeup tips and products


Any party make up must be simple, glamorous and must make you look the best in the party where you get noticed for your wonderful makeup. The makeup should not be too much or too little since too much may spoil your original beauty and too little may just not be sufficient to bring out the hidden beauty in you.

The basic step in makeup is selecting your attire; accessories and then match your makeup with them. Go for a hair style that would suit your party wear. Usually for evening parties, black is the colour of choice since that makes your look more elegant.
So choose the colour of your party gown according to the time of the party and then match up for the same when you apply makeup.

It is very essential to cleanse and tone your skin before applying the makeup. Always use the best brand and do not go in for trying a new brand when you have to attend a party since that may end up leaving allergic reactions on your skin if the skin is very sensitive.

Try using a hydrating mask to rejenuvate your skin and for the healthy glow to be seen in your skin. Always apply a makeup primer before applying the foundation since this would help your make up stay longer. Then apply a concealer, if you are not very keen to use a foundation. Match the complexion of the concealer to your skin complexion. Never go for a fairer concealer thinking that you may look better. It is always wise to use your own complexion since that leaves your skin look flawless and natural.

Then apply the shimmer powder for a shining effect. Blush and eye shades are a must during parties since they make you noticeable. Always concentrate more on the eye makeup since that is the most important to make you look attractive and sexy.

Always go for shades that suit you the most and go for contrast accessories since that makes you look great. Always go for a subtle shade of a lipstick and a gloss is a must during parties.

Follow the above tips and see to it that nothing is applied in excess, and then you will be the centre of attraction the party.