Parents Who Kill Their Children


I bet some of you are wondering what goes through the mind of a parent or parents that kill their children? Yes, what does go through their minds indeed and how can a parent or parents live with themselves or even think about killing their own flesh and blood?

Are these parents who kill their children, monsters or desperate people looking for a way out of a bad situation? The reason could be one or both situations or somewhere in between. I believe that there is no excuse for a parent or parents to kill their own child, no matter the reason or circumstances.

If parents do not want their children anymore, there are adoption agencies and other safe places to turn their child or children to. Abortion is no different, except the baby has not been born yet and is semi-legal in the United States, where abortions are legal and allowed for fetuses 3 months or younger (the first trimester.)

Abortion is also another choice of parents to kill their own baby, whether for medical and health reasons or to just get rid of having to feed a mouth or another mouth. Abortions are commonplace in countries like America but are more commonplace in countries like China or India, where the governments of those countries stress birth control.

So, are abortions justified? Well, in some cases where the mother has physical illness or complications related to the pregnancy that jeopardizes her life, then abortion should be acceptable, but if the mother just want to abort her baby or babies just to get rid of them, then abortion is unacceptable.

The issue of abortion is not only a matter of legality, but also a matter of morality and the respect for one’s life, especially that of a child’s. Yes, abortion is in some legal form in many countries, but morally, the definition of the rights of mothers to have abortions is more vague and shaky.

The moral issue of abortion depends on one’s view of it, based by either their own personal beliefs and/or the culture in which they live or had lived in. To conservative groups in the United States and other countries, the right of a child to live is total and complete and the mother does not have the right to terminate the child’s life; but to the more liberal and independent groups, the right of the mother to live comes first before the right of the unborn baby and to add to the argument that right, they cite that since the child is unborn and not considered a person, then the fetus is the sole property of the mother and she can do with the fetus as she chooses.

So is abortion really right or is it really wrong? That will be a question what will linger in the courts of America and other countries and the hearts and minds of the parent or parents involved.