Parenting Tips For The New Parents

parenting tips for new parents

parenting tips for new parents A baby gives a whole new meaning and dimension to your lives. With your baby’s arrival into this world, you want to shower your baby with all the happiness in the world.

You leave no stone unturned to become good parents. But you are afraid and tensed that you lack experience and whether you would be able to perform your duties of a responsible parent. You must have seen people around you, like your friends or family talking about parenting issues, various articles in the magazines or parenting books on handing and nurturing a baby. It might sound very complicated but with true dedication and love you can master all the tricks of being a good parent.

No matter how much you prepare, learn or read about parenting, the moment a small baby comes in your life, you would become a doted parent yourself, it is the nature’s way of teaching and guiding us. With the support and help from your family members, friends and doctor, you would surely excel in the field of bringing up a healthy baby. There are few things that you need to know and follow to be good parents:

Trust Yourself

It is rightly said that if you have belief and faith in yourself, you can move mountains. This clearly indicates that if you have trust on yourself and on your instincts then you will do a good job of nurturing a baby. Parents know what is good for their child; therefore you have to trust yourself. The baby is unable to guide you towards any problem, you have to take clue and react accordingly.

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If your friend suggests a cloth diaper over a diaper available in the market, and you find your baby uncomfortable in it, then you should not use it. It does not mean what worked for your friend will work for you as well. Similarly if your mom suggests giving pureed apples to your baby as a good source of everyday nutrition but your baby does not like it, then do not force feed your baby? Every baby is different just the way all grownups are. A preference of one baby cannot be imposed on another baby. Try and understand your baby’s need and act accordingly.

How You Learn to Be a Parent

There is no literature in any form in this world that can make you a good parent, contradicting but true. It is seen that no matter how much we read, we would mostly follow what we have observed in our childhood. We have picked up our basics in our childhood days only and chances are that we implement those parenting practises only.

If you were raised in a restricted environment then chances are that you would do the same to your child. Everybody has a little parental influence in their lives and this implies in being parents as well. If you introspect the way in which you were nurtured and various amendments you would like to make, this clearly shows your concern of becoming a responsible parent. This insight is needed in bringing up your baby.

Do not Suppress Your Needs

It is often seen that you become parents your whole focus shifts on your baby and rightly so, it is required. But the parents are so empowered with the baby’s needs such as comfort, love, understanding and patience that they forget about themselves. This can exhaust the parents to a great deal and they might feel that now their baby’s needs are supreme and their own needs are of least importance. This can mount to frustrations.

There is no denying that huge amount of hard work and patience is required to nurture a baby but not at the stake of compromising your needs. You have to overcome the feeling of guilt that if you consider your needs then you are not being a good parent.

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If you are sleep deprived, you can ask your friend or family member to take care of your baby, while you catch up on your sleep. Similarly if you need to visit a saloon, it is perfectly fine to leave your baby behind with your mom or friend. If you neglect your own needs, then nurturing a child would become more of an obligation than parenting.

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To Err is Humans

Do not be too harsh or strict on yourself. You have entered this whole new world of parenthood. You are bound to make mistakes. It is absolutely fine, because we learn from our mistakes. If your baby is crying due to soiled diaper and you think the baby is hungry and you try to feed your child.

This is perfectly fine, you are in the process of knowing your baby, you will master up various techniques with time. Do not get disappointed, rather stay motivated and you would surely do a good job as a parent.

Spouse Support

The importance of the support from your spouse can not be overlooked. You need somebody to understand your worries, problems and concerns of nurturing a baby. Not only mothers but fathers can also get quite hassled when it comes to parenting issues. It is very imported to provide moral support and guidance to each other.

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Father’s contribution in nurturing a baby is of utmost importance. The mother needs her time because she is very exhausted in the initial months after giving birth to the child. The father should share if not equal then as much possible, the various responsibilities of bringing up a baby.

Whenever a father does his part as a responsible parent, it does more than just sharing work. It helps his wife in understanding the true meaning of being a spouse and a parent. It shows that he feels equally responsible for the baby, the way the mother feels.

The child, who is nurtured by both the parents with love and care, surely turns out to be a sensible and responsible adult. These tips would help new parents to become better parents.

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