Parenting Challenges of Disabled Children


Parenting children with disabilities is a dilemma that occurs in most families and while there is love being shown from the parents toward their children, there is also a great deal of anxiety and burden being placed on the parents of these children.

Depending on the disability and the circumstances surrounding the disability, parents have to not only work to support their children but also to pay for the medical care they need just to live. Children with disabilities like autism and leukemia need special care from a physician and/or a medical center, which can be very costly for parents, especially for first-time visits.

For the parents that have children with physical and mental disabilities, the burden for caring for them can be as great as the love they have for them. Every year, parents of children with disabilities, pay out thousands to hundreds of thousands for medical care and basic expenses for their children, leaving them with no money for extras and are forced to find extra work just to supplement the high costs of living, transportation and care for themselves and their children.

Some parents have to rely on either charity from family, friends and strangers to get by and/or obtain social services benefits to help with the care of their children, which is not easy to get and have to go through government red tape to get ( countries do not matter since they all require long and meaningless paperwork.)

As an another alternative for parents to get cash to pay for the cost of the care for their disabled children, they sell their home or take out another mortgage on the house, which in the end, becomes just as or even more costly than caring for their child, but the child must come first, according to the thinking of most people.

How do parents of disabled children cope with the stress and pains that come with caring for their children? Most parents of disabled children cope with the stress through prayer and/or reading the Bible. Some parents depend on the love for their children to give them strength.

Whichever the case, the children that have loving parents to care for and support they are truly lucky and that is something that no disability can ever take away.