Pamper Your Skin with Lemon Juice

Beauty Tips With Lemon Juice

Summer brings loads of sunshine, long days and beautiful evenings. But it eventually leaves your skin tanned and dehydrated. Despite taking all possible efforts to give extra care to your skin, nothing works well during hot summer days. Why not give lemon juice a shot this summer and truly pamper your skin with pure lemon juice?

Lemon is indeed a great citrus fruit and a perfect source of vitamin C which not only gives glow to your skin but also lightens the skin tone. Here are some effective remedies that can be adopted to look gorgeous this summer and let people rave about your beautiful skin.

Brighten your skin with lemon:

Lemon completely brightens your skin, if you find yourself too busy to go for facial, you can consider applying lemon juice which indeed gives your skin instant glow. Squeeze few drops of lemon juice and add little fresh cream to make a smooth paste; now massage your skin with this mixture and let your skin get rejuvenated instantly.

Keep blemishes at bay:

During summer your skin is more prone to blemishes and tanning. Despite applying sunscreen you skin is highly vulnerable to blemish and pigmentation. No worries! Try lemon juice with few drops of olive oil and massage your skin gently and wash off later with cold water. This remedy works wonders in lightening the blemishes and pigmentation as lemon juice has bleaching quality that lightens your skin as well.

Say good bye to blackheads:

Due to excessive use of moisturizer and sunscreen you skin becomes prone to blackheads and whiteheads. Take one tea spoon of plain flour and mix few drops of lemon juice into it. Apply on your face; let it dry for 1-2 minutes and later remove it gently in circular motion and scrub off your dead skin and blackheads without bearing the pain of blackhead remover.

Bleach facial hair with lemon juice:

Are you tired of bleaching your facial hair with strong bleaching creams available in the market? Well, take a load off your mind and this time bleach your skin with natural lemon juice and feel the difference in your skin. Unlike artificial bleaching creams, lemon will not cause any adverse effects on your skin. Moreover, you can stay beautiful more naturally.