Pain Relief During Labor


For many women, the pain of labor can be completely unbearable. Even though it is said that natural childbirth is the best thing for your baby, it may not be the best thing for you. If you are under too much stress, it can add extra and unnecessary stress to the baby.

There are pharmaceutical drugs that the doctor can give you during your labor to make the process run a little more smoothly. Even though there are pros and cons to each one you can take, they are safe for you and the baby.

One of these options is Demerol. Depending on your doctor, this can either be given to you by an intravenous drip or by an injection. This should not make you drowsy but only relaxed. Since women can react to this drug differently, you can experience nausea and possibly a drop in blood pressure. Your baby may be drowsy when born and have a hard time nursing, but will be fine overall.

Another option is a spinal block. This is injected into the lower back while you lie on your side or even sit. It will numb the lower half of your body and will last for a short time. If the baby is in distress, this method should not be used. You will also need to lie on your back for up to 8 hours to avoid migraine headaches. It can also slow the baby’s heartbeat or possibly make them drowsy.

One of the last forms of pain relief is the epidural. This is administered through a needle that is inserted in your back and a catheter remains behind. The purpose of that is to be able to keep the drip going when needed. It is possible that you could have headaches for a few days afterwards, but you will have no feeling from the waist down. It is also possible for the baby’s heart rate to slow down so they will monitor closely. There is also the possibility that the doctor will deliver with forceps.

As with all of these methods, you and the baby should be just fine. Your delivery will go much smoother and you and the baby will be more relaxed during and after the delivery. Remember, speak with your doctor to make the right choice for you.