Outdoor sex

Outdoor sex

What makes outdoor sex so great? Some claim the only time our bodies are truly at peace is when the sun beats down on us since the sun and body’s biorhythms are the same but, however, it’s not just the rays that make outdoor sex in the sun unbeatable and we’re permanently worked up by a combination of sensual triggers. People prance around in next to nothing during summer, providing a feast of flesh; a tan makes even the body-conscious feel good about being naked (as my brother says, brown fat looks better than white fat).

In outdoor sex, spreading sunscreen on each other is drop-dead sexy — continuing to rub parts that don’t need it, even more so. Heat and humidity make us slow down: We’re too relaxed to move, too laid-back to lift a limb and happy to lie back and enjoy lazy, languid lovemaking… Delicious!

Super Hot Sex

When the temperature rises, it’s not too hot for sex — it’s prime time for outdoor sex! In this excerpt from her book Superhotsex, sex expert Tracey Cox reveals some of the top places to get frisky in the great outdoors and so on a lazy summer Saturday or your next vacation for two, celebrate the sun and bring your sex life to new heights with these not-to-be-missed experiences.

In water, we’re gloriously weightless. Everyone feels light and buoyant in mood and body (not to mention thin) and the squeamish get an extra bonus: Having outdoor sex in water guarantees everything is clean and fresh. Sex on the water’s edge makes us feel like we’re starring in From Here to Eternity; the smell of salt and the sea and the sound of water lapping (along with your partner) stimulate other senses in outdoor sex.

Nearly everyone’s had a post-liquid-dinner-party semi- (or completely) naked hot-tub experience — and even if people’s toes and hands did not accidentally float our way, the prospect was excitement enough. Swimming pools, innocent as they appear, provided many a young girl with her very first orgasm. She’d position herself so the jet of water flowed directly on her clitoris and quietly climax, appearing to be dreaming away, lost in thought.

Sex In Front Of The Fire

Recreate it inside: Do it in front of the fire and pretend you are stars of one of those cheesy ’80s movies: First you’d see a bra flung on a chair, then a pair of high heels, then two half-drunk glasses of champagne is great in outdoor sex. Then, finally, a couple making out on deep sheepskin rugs, fire sparkling prettily in the background. Yes, it sounds cheesy, but anyone who’s tried it has to admit it feels extraordinary.

There’s a reason why those thick carpets were called “shag-pile.” People spent more time lying on them than walking on them since they felt so damn comfortable. Besides, firelight is massively flattering, and being naked in front of a fire, terribly decadent and is important to know in outdoor sex.