Optimal foundation makeup tips


foundation-makeup Foundation is the base of all make up. It is applied before any other cosmetic is applied on the skin. It is basically applied to hide the flaws of the skin. You have to pick the right color to have the flawlessness skin as well as the glow on the skin.

There are different types of foundations available in the market. Stick foundations are a combination of foundation cream and concealer. It can be applied on both normal and dry skin. It is easy to apply and hides the flaws well.

Liquid foundation is more common as anyone can use that. It will cover any kind of flaws as well. Different companies have liquid foundation made for different skin types.

But when it comes to coverage, the best one is the cream foundation. But it is suitable more for dry skin.

There is also powder foundation, but that is suitable for younger skin. Girls who have started to wear makeup can go for this. They are usually light and can be applied easily But not all powder foundations will give you a full coverage.

When it comes to foundation I should say that you will get different kinds of treatments. But there are certain things you have to remember while using this particular cosmetic.

If you want your foundation to last longer on the skin, then do not forget to apply a bit of moisturizer before applying the foundation.

Be very careful about the color of the foundation. It has to match your skin tone. If you choose a lighter or a darker shade, the difference will be visible and the entire makeup will be ruined.

Do not apply too much foundation at a time. Start with a little bit and with a thin layer. Apply it on certain areas such as the forehead, the chin, nose, and the cheeks.

Then spread the foundation all over the face using a damp sponge. Blend it well so that no spot is visible on the skin. After blending it well, apply more if needed.

After applying, look at yourself in the mirror under natural light and see if you have got the desired effect or not.

Here it should be mentioned that some women prefer not to use foundation, believing it could be harmful to the skin.

Today there are different types of foundation available made for different skin types. Choose the one that is made for your skin. Do not be afraid, just go for it.