Negative effects of steroids


Continuous use of steroids can create mood altering experiences such as mania and depression.  They may increase the users’ chances of experiencing hallucinations and delusions.  In this regard, steroids can create personality disorders amongst users.  Because steroids can increase testosterone, users may experience an aggressive attitude.

This aggressiveness may pose a risk to the user or anyone they come in contact with.  Aggressiveness due to steroid use is known as “roid rage.”  While steroids are used to positively treat some illnesses and blood disorders, excessive use can lead to cardiovascular disorders like a heart attack or coronary artery disease.

Steroids also affect the body’s liver and its ability to function properly.  Liver damage as a result of steroid use can lead to liver disease and cancer.  Steroids can affect your appearance as well.  Because they increase the amount of oil your body produces, users are prone to acne breakouts.  And if you think acne is bad, what about having constant bad breath?  Steroids can produce a bad taste in the mouth after consuming them.  Men who take steroids have a higher risk of early onset baldness.  While steroids are beneficial in building muscle mass and speeding up the metabolism, they are notorious for adding water to your body.

Steroid use affects the body’s ability to physically function by afflicting the user with painful muscle cramps, muscles being torn and other muscle injuries such as a torn tendon or ligament.  Though steroids are used to treat blood disorders, prolonged use may cause sudden and frequent nose bleeds.  Because steroids increase your metabolic rate and provide euphoric sensations, the user’s ability to sleep becomes difficult.

Continuous use and abuse of steroids may have an adverse reaction on the body and weaken the immune system.  And lastly, you may have taken steroids to increase your sex drive, but what’s the sense of having an increased sexual desire if you are infertile?  Both men and women can experience infertility from steroids.

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