Natural Ways To Improve Liver Function

Natural Ways To Improve Liver Function

Natural Ways To Improve Liver Function

The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body as it directly or indirectly affects most of the important processes and systems of the body. The liver has a complex set of functions to perform and is considered to be the largest single organ. It produces about 4000 enzymes among which half are identified while the rest are unrecognized ones.

The liver can be considered as blood purifier as it continuously steers the blood clean of toxins. The bile produced from the liver actually removes various potentially dangerous chemicals and metals like mercury from the body. The digestive process and metabolism is regulated by the liver. Due to excess of toxin saturation the liver may fail from functioning effectively which may eventually lead to a host of problems of the heart, circulatory system, skin and so on. It is therefore very essential to maintain proper liver function to avoid the incidence of such serious health problems.

Identifying Liver Function Problems

weight gain

Liver being the overall body and blood cleanser it may sometimes get overloaded with toxins if we are too much careless with our diet and lifestyle. Liver problems may begin to manifest through symptoms like digestive problems, weight gain, skin problems like eczema and psoriasis, thyroid problems, irritable bowels or constipation and intolerance towards oily and spicy foods.

raw foods

Liver problems may happen if you consume too much toxins and foods that are not easily digestible. Taking too much oily and junk foods, excess alcoholism and a diet with too much fat consumption, carbohydrates, raw foods and chemicals inevitably leads to liver damage. Given the fact that the liver is such an important organ it is mandatory to maintain proper liver health to avoid risks of various health problems or dangerous conditions like cirrhosis of the liver which becomes fatal.

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Natural Ways to Improve Liver Function

regular exercise

It pays well if we take good care of our liver. It is very easy to enjoy good health if we have healthy liver function and we can do this through most natural ways with no side effects. First of all it is essential to give up bad habits like excess alcoholism and embrace a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle consists of taking proper balanced diet, avoiding bad habits, doing regular exercise and also taking enough rest and sleep. Taking a diet rich in fibers can regulate bowel movements and also improve liver function by eliminating toxins. Don’t indulge in binge eating as it puts stress on the liver. If you face frequent hunger pangs take healthy substitutes like a fruit or a salad. Take more of organic foods and avoid raw and processed foods. Control the amount of sugar intake and include more protein rich foods.

Take lots of water

Take lots of water and fluids in the form of fresh fruit juices. Water assists the liver to be cleansed naturally thereby eliminating toxins from the body and keeping it well hydrated. Herbs like rosemary, artichoke, milk thistle and boldo are very effective in regulating liver function and improving bile production. Using castor oil packs on the belly and taking sauna baths may also assist in releasing toxins thereby improving liver function manifold.


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