Natural Way Of Getting Shining And Dandruff Free Hair

Natural Way Of Getting Shining And Dandruff Free Hair

Natural Way Of Getting Shining And Dandruff Free Hair

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, despite that we all want to look beautiful. It is true that beautiful hair brings one’s self-image into focus. They say,” Beautiful hair is the richest ornament of women”. Your hair defines your facial area too. Women with beautiful hair are more confident than the less and dull hair. Although, it is not verified.

Your hair suffers from various problems like, dull, tangy, rough, dry and lots of dandruff due to so much pollution in the air. It could also be due to stress and anxieties. There are several other factors that can cause hair damage, but you should approach them technically. Do you get irritated while managing your hair?

Almond oil

The solution to your problem is in your hand. So, why wait; pick up these tips to beautify yourself. If you have dandruff, massage your hair with pure coconut oil. It not only removes your dandruff but also helps in hair growth. Almond oil, olive oil and a mixture of shikakai powder can be of great help.

hibiscus flower

Crush the hibiscus flower and take the juice and wash your hair. It gives volume and shiny.


Heat the oil and apply it and warm your towel keep for a few minutes and wash it with any good shampoo. The result is amazing.


To get healthy and shiny hair, you can follow these tips;

caster oil

Washing your hair with tea once in a week, apply besan, caster oil egg and warm

Coconut oil

Coconut oil must be applied. You can also repeat the application of dandruff, given in the above.


Mix a little vinegar in warm water and wash it. This will rejuvenate your dull and lifeless hair.


Beer and curd keep your hair dandruff free and lustrous shining. Try this natural tips rather than running for chemical treatment. The results are amazing.