Natural Treatment Of Constipation – How to Get Rid of it Fast

Natural Treatment Of Constipation

Natural Treatment Of Constipation

In treating constipation, milk of magnesia is very effective as a laxative. Aside from taking a laxative, you can also get rid of constipation through other methods.  Water is the best option to get relief from constipation. If you make it a habit to drink plenty of water throughout the day, you can make your stool softer while enabling your body to flush away harmful substances. Upon waking up each morning, drink two glasses of pure water which will make your bowel movement easier.


Be careful about the food you eat. The food you take can either be beneficial or detrimental to your body. When you consume the right kinds of food in the right quantity, you will make your body strong and healthy. If you eat the wrong kinds of food and in huge quantities, you will be inflicting damage to your body if you gain too much weight. If eating an apple a day can keep the doctor away, eating two or three apples a day may keep the doctor away from your life forever!

Fruits And Vegetables

Eating a balanced diet will help prevent constipation. Stick to the right diet and a regular schedule for eating so you will have regular bowel movement. If you take your meals at any time you like without any semblance of regularity, you will suffer from constipation and digestive disorders. Make sure that your diet includes a good combination of whole grains as well as fruits and vegetables. These foods contain plenty of fiber which is essential in moving waste through the intestines and balancing the pH in the intestine.

regular exercise

Along with the right food and regular eating schedule, regular exercise is also a must to prevent constipation. Make jogging or walking part of your morning routine every day. Before taking any medicine, find out what ingredients it contains and how these can affect your stomach. If you don’t take the correct dosage, you may be inviting constipation. If you are using iron supplements, be aware that they can cause constipationLearn how to deal with stress because this can also affect your bowel movement.