Natural Skincare For The Summer

Bikini Babe
Post pregnancy stretch marks can damper any plans to show off a bikini body that one has worked so hard to get.  Women in India use turmeric to combat stretch marks and keep their skin soft, smooth and supple.  Mix one cup of plain yogurt with one tablespoon turmeric, and apply and rub the paste into the stretch marks.  Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash off.

Tropical Paradise
Coconut is not just refreshing in the Pina Coladas you so love to down, but the inhabitants of tropical countries know just how to channel the delicious power of the coconut.  While, coconut water keeps the body cool and rehydrated, coconut oil is a great natural moisturiser that helps fight wrinkles.  For a gentle but rich summer exfoliator, this Thai cocktail is the best.  Mix 1/2 cup ground rice with 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1/2 cup fresh grated coconut and one tablespoon turmeric.  Apply the thick scrub in circular motions all over your body, rinse and follow with your favourite moisturiser.

Give Your Skin A Liquid Diet
All day out and about in the summer sun can leave your skin overheated, tired and flushed.  For an instant cure, simply splash cold water on your face and place your hands and wrists under cold, running water.  This not only immediately cools and calms facial redness, it also reduces surface temperature.

Just Chill The Skin
Oily lotions and creams are not at all appealing when it gets hot, but you can give yourself a cooling treat by refrigerating them for use later.  This is a wonderful way to soothe sunburn and relieve facial redness and puffiness, as well.

Sun Shield
All that exposure to the sun means skin is going to need some pre and post-pampering.  What you need is a good rubdown with super-rich macadamia-nut oil, smoothed all over damp skin after a shower.  Containing loads of vitamin E it gives a super sexy glow to your skin.

Time For Tea
Oily skin breakouts are common in the summer.  Give yours a tea break with a refreshing natural toner made from a cup of strong peppermint or lemon-balm tea that you have brewed and chilled.  Use it as a toner to gently remove excess oil and shine from your skin.  Cover and store tea in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Turn Back the Clock
Nothing ages skin as exposure to the sun, but you don’t need an expensive spa facial to fight the effects of sun damage.  Shed dead skin and promote new cell renewal with a yummy, fruity enzyme mask made from mashed ripe papaya.  Massage into skin, leave on for 10-minutes and remove with a warm facecloth.  It is guaranteed that it will make your skin glow.  For dry skin, just add a teaspoon of honey to your papaya mask.

Foot Notes
Summer time is sandal weather that calls for special foot notes and pampering the feet.  A soothing cold-water bath is excellent for hot, swollen feet.  Create your own therapeutic footbath with a mix of rosemary, cold water and tea tree oil.  The woody, balsamic scent does double duty as aromatherapy, while the tea tree oil helps deodorize and provides pain relief for your aching feet.