5 Natural Skin Care Tips

Natural Skin Care Tips

Natural Skin Care Tips

Every morning when you get up and look in the mirror has this thought ever come to your mind that I wish my skin was more smooth and radiant. We all wish to look attractive and skin contributes a lot to it. A fair and spotless skin with glow really acts as a confidence booster for anyone. So in this article I am going to tell you some natural skin care tips to help you make your skin look a lot better.

Tips To Take Care Of Skin Naturally

Healthy Diet Is The Key

Healthy Diet

No matter what or how costly the fairness product you use if your diet is not up to the mark you may face several skin problems like pimples, acne or even dryness of the skin. Avoid eating high fat content fried food items. Also avoid food that is too spicy. Eat food full of fibre and vitamins. Eating raw fruits without peeling them will definitely help the cause. Drink loads of water. This will bring radiance to your skin. And the never to forget tip is eat Fresh.

Morning Treatment

Olive oil

When you get up in the morning your skin is covered by layer of dead cells which have accumulated over night. To remove these dead cells use cleanser on face and neck. You can make cleanser at home by mixing Honey, Egg in equal parts and two tablespoon of Curd in it. Use grounded Oatmeal with few drops of water and Olive oil to make a paste of natural exfoliating paste. It is known that Oatmeal has excellent exfoliating properties and Olive oil will make the skin smooth.

When Going Out In Sun

Olive or Sesame oil

Excessive exposure to Sun directly may result in wrinkles, dark patches, age spots and dry skin. Firstly make sure you don’t go out without an umbrella and full sleeves. If you are going out in sun apply a paste of Olive or Sesame oil with Aloe Vera half an hour before; as it is a cream which has properties of sun screen. Again food rich in anti-oxidants such as strawberries, raspberries, cherries, nuts etc are highly beneficial for natural protection from U.V rays of Sun.

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The Natural Face Mask

cucumber and lime juice

For glowing and fair skin a paste of almonds soaked in milk and little saffron can do wonders. You can see the difference in a week. Apply this face mask before sleeping for an hour to get excellent results. After you come home from sun and all that dirt a mask of cucumber and lime juice is the best treatment your skin can get. It will remove the oily dirt and will result in fresh skin which is full of glow.

General Tips

Aloe Vera

As our mothers keep telling us always remove your make up before going to the bed. Use cucumber for dark circles around eyes. Wear shades while going out in sun. Honey, Lime juice and Aloe Vera can be used as moisturising lotion two times a day to get genuine smooth and fresh skin. Don’t forget to apply your homemade sunscreen on your lips and earlobes. Generally they are the most neglected area. In the end I would like to say stay healthy and keep glowing.