Natural Remedies For Blisters On Tongue

Remedies For Blisters On Tongue

Remedies For Blisters On Tongue There can be quite a number of not so serious health problems that you might face in your life from time to time. These health crises are not fatal, but then becomes a major cause of discomfort if not treated well and on time. It is very significant to not only know about all kinds of illnesses that can occur but also their root causes and their symptoms.

This gives you a better insight about it, as well as shows you the right path of treatment and cure. Once you know what kind of disease you are suffering from, the fearfulness reduces and there is much more scope for you to act practically over the situation. Talking about health issues, ulcers are one of the most common and widespread problems that people face. This is especially valid for mouth and tongue ulcers.

Tongue ulcers can also be called sores or else in a much simpler version blisters. The sensation of burning becomes a major cause for discomfort and can hinder the day to day activities like eating, drinking and speaking. Researches show that the two significant causes for tongue blisters are eating foods that are extremely hot or acidic in nature or incidental biting of the tongue between your teeth.

Some serious illnesses can also cause tongue blisters. There might be various medications available but then nothing better, safer, effective and reasonable than adhering to home and natural remedies. Check this guide for the well-researched treatments that you can follow on a day to day basis till it subsides-

How to Treat Blisters on Tongue Naturally

Foods to Eat and to Avoid

Since hot and acidic foods are known to be one of the causes of tongue blisters, it is best if you avoid them till the problem subsides. Along with this any food item that can aggravate the discomfort should not be eaten or consumed. These include carbonated drinks as well as citrus fruits and juices. Spicy foods are yet another category that you should not think of eating when suffering from blisters.

Along with this all the food sources that have arginine in high quantities should be avoided and those with lysine should be included in the daily diet. This is especially for blisters in the tongue caused by Herpes.

blister on tongue cure

Nuts, peanut butter, chocolate and its substitutes, gelatin, seeds and dried beans should be avoided along with candies, chewing gums, fish, meat, tobacco, mouthwashes and coffee.

On the other hand you can try your hands on legumes, dairy products, papayas, figs, mangoes, sprouts and apricots to treat tongue blisters. Dairy substitutes like yoghurt, buttermilk and cheese will also work wonders. Salads consisting of raw vegetables like onions, tomatoes and garlic can be eaten as well.

Drink Plenty of Liquids

Do not let the mouth or the tongue dry in case of blisters. It is always suggested to have water at regular intervals or else drink healthy liquids like buttermilk everyday. 10-12 glasses of water will really help in relief from pain and burning sensation.

Wonders of Honey

One of the oldest and the most prevalent natural products to treat the blisters not only on the tongue but also of the mouth is honey. The soothing nature of the product helps in curing the roughness as well as the burning sensation caused by the problem. Organic and good quality honey should be used directly on the blister to see visible results in just a couple of days. A little of dehydrated alum can be mixed with the liquid to get better outcomes.

Use Ice on the Affected Area

One of the simplest, easiest and effective remedy to treat the blisters on the tongue is to directly apply ice on it. The numbness that it will create helps in subsiding the burn and discomfort. Cold water can also be sipped from time to time to get some instant relief.

Onion and Garlic Remedy

To prepare this remedy for blisters on tongue, you will first need to grind a small onion with a few pieces of raw garlic. This should be made into a fine paste using a little water.

blister on tongue home remedy

Now this fresh paste should be added to a cup of lukewarm water and mixed well before it is strained. Use the liquid to rinse the mouth thoroughly as well as gargle with it as well. This should be repeated 2-3 times everyday. You will see blisters fading away in just a week’s time.

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Effects of Basil Leaves

Chewing fresh basil leaves twice daily in the morning and in the evening can really help as a natural treatment for blisters on the tongue. It is also a simple remedy as well as something that is affordable on the pocket.

Some Dos and Don’ts

Avoid using a toothbrush that has hard bristles. It might just make the conditions of the blisters worse and also increase the pain. Along with this, proper rest and sleep is required if the condition is extreme in nature. Keeping the digestive system clean and going for a regular walk can help a great deal in managing and controlling the health illness.

Benefit of Salt Water Rinse

Using salt water to rinse the mouth is yet another natural remedy that you can get your hands on. For this you need a cup of lukewarm water and about half a teaspoon of table salt.

natural cure for blister on tongue

Follow the remedy 3-4 times in a day if you want good and faster outcomes. Salt is known to have anti-bacterial properties and also control all kinds of infection. Table salt can be substitutes with baking soda as well. Baking soda should be in the quantity of 1 teaspoon. Swishing it all over the mouth will definitely benefit the tongue.

Some Useful Pastes for Blisters

A combination of turmeric powder and honey can be applied on the blisters for about 3-4 minutes before rinsing for positive effects.

Another paste which will be beneficial is turmeric powder mixed with a teaspoon of warm water. Baking soda and warm water paste can also be made to help you in this regard.Use a cotton ball to apply any of these pastes on the blisters, but it should not be consumed and immediately rinsed after 4-5 minutes.

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