Natural Hair Loss Remedies – Minerals


naturalhairlossremedies Hair is our crowing glory. A person gets his looks from the distinct way in which he wears his hair. We typically tend to assume that hair growth and texture is a function of the weather or our genes. Little do we realize that there is much that we can do to improve the health of our hair.

Hair loss is a major issue faced by people of all ages. You may have tried various home remedies, kitchen shelf solutions to fix it. While these remedies will offer results, the best way to boost hair health is to do it from within. Intrinsically you can improve the texture, growth and strength of your hair by paying attention to your consumption.

The food you eat has a lot to do with the health of your hair. Vitamins and minerals not only are required for maintaining the heath of our body, they also play a chief role in the health of our hair.

There are minerals that we consume which promote hair health. It pays to understand the benefits and the uses of these minerals, so the next time you should make considered choices while eating. This will also help in preventing hair loss. Here is the run down of some minerals that can promote healthy hair

Calcium: Calcium helps in hair growth. It is involved in building bones and in the growth of nails as well. It makes the hair shaft stronger. It can be found in milk, dairy products, nuts and fish.

Magnesium: allows for growth of healthier hair. In combination with calcium, it is found very effective in building strong and healthy hair. It is found in grains, beans, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

Copper: prevents hair loss and helps to retain its original color. By preventing hair loss, it aids in making hair thick. It can be obtained from poultry, meat, and chicken.

Iron and Silica: help in preventing hair loss. Iron strengthens the hair roots and shaft. This way it prevents hair fall as well. It can be found in meat, chicken and eggs.

Manganese helps to quicken hair growth. It can be easily obtained from eggs, avocadoes, meat and fish.

Vitamins and minerals that are helpful for hair growth may be obtained in the form of a supplement as well. A balanced diet and a vitamin and mineral supplement are essential to having healthy lustrous locks.

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