Natural Cure for Menopause


Menopause marks a special time in a woman’s life. It is a change which occurs in a woman’s body before and after, she stops menstruating. Before this time, the Ovaries would make an egg each month. However, after Menopause this no longer happens. The age of 40 is considered to be the time when early Menopause occurs. It is referred to as being premature.

There are 3 different stages associated with Menopause. Pre-menopause starts out a few years before the change occur. Menopause occurs when a woman goes 12 months in a row, without having her period. Post-menopause is the time after a woman has gone through the change. Many women will wait until this point in time before they start to seek its treatment.

There are many different prescription drugs which can be taken to help and alleviate the symptoms associated with Menopause.  There are many types of herbs also which can be taken for this.

Chaste Tree tablets are taken to help, and ensure good health and an appropriate balance in the Endocrine System of the females.

Tribulus tablets are taken to address the feelings of discomfort that Menopause can often cause. Betacol helps to give extra nutritional support. It does so by clearing liver of any exogenous hormones.

Using natural remedies is an effective way to ensure that your body is free of toxins and other unnatural substances. There are other things which can affect a woman during or after she has gone through Menopause. Depression, anxiety and other symptoms might be brought on due to one aspect of the change or another. If you find that the natural treatments do no work for you, perhaps you need to try prescription medicine.

However, there are no known risks associated with using natural treatments and this is often the safest method of treatment. Prescription medicines can have various side effects, such as an increased risk of heart disease, and that is not something that any woman would be happy about. It really comes down to choice. You can try prescription medicine, if you feel that your symptoms are not eased by natural remedies.

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