Natural Care For Dry Eyes

dry eyes

One can have dry eyes due to plenty of reasons. It can caused by allergy or some medication that one has been taking for some allergy, or due to spending long hours in air conditioned rooms and cars, due to staying in an overheated room for long. One can also have dry eyes due to pollution or due to working on computer for long. Age, hormonal changes, excessive crying, menopause and due to the contact lenses too, one can have dry eyes.

Dry eyes can further lead to irritation, eyes can look red, there can be burning sensation in eyes and one can feel scratchy eyes. One can treat them through some home remedies. If the remedies don’t work and eyes continue to hurt, one observes some discharge from the eyes or there is change in your vision, then one must refer to a doctor.

One can splash some cold water in the eyes to treat the dryness. Another way out can be to try cold compression on eyes by wet a towel or a wash cloth and then applying the same to the eyes for two- three minutes. This can give quick relief from the dryness. For someone who uses a blow dryer for hair every day, try to keep the heat released from the same away from the eyes.

One can moisten the eyes or use artificial tears after and before the blow dry. In a dry work space try to place a humidifier on your working desk or if possible try to open the closest window. Consumption of alcohol can also lead to dry eyes, so one can avoid it for some days. Same goes for smoking as well. It is advised to remove the lenses before sleeping or even at the end of your day.

This relaxes eyes and prevents them from getting dry. Ointments like lacri- lube can be used before going to the bed so as to get rid of the irritation in the dry eyes. Avoid its excessive use as can be harmful for the vision. One can also place the slices of freshly cut cucumber on the eyelids. This remedy relaxes the eyes and increases the eye moisture. Cotton balls soaked well in a tea, when placed on the eyelids, treats the dry eyes well.

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  • Maria

    I suffer from extreme dry eyes and will use these tips to help me relieve the symptoms. I especially had no idea that cucumber cut and placed on the eye lids can increase eye moisture so I cannot wait to give it a go. Thanks for the great article.