Natural care for black hair


blackhair It seems like everyone is going organic these days.  And why not, when all natural products are safer for us and better for the environment?  More and more options are becoming available every day for a variety of health and beauty needs, including the unique needs of black hair.

The power of nature

The ingredients in natural hair products can read like salad ingredients-macadamia, avocado and coconut oils.  You’ll also find products you may already be familiar with, such as Shea butter and Aloe vera, along with a variety of oils, herbs and floral waters.

Many of the problems inherent to black hair care can be reduced or solved by using natural products.  Problems such as dandruff and irritated scalp can be soothed by coconut or aloe vera.  Avocado can improve thickness and add shine, and other natural ingredients will add moisture or stimulate the scalp.

Avoid chemicals

Natural products are much safer than those made with chemicals.  The scalp is very sensitive and harsh chemicals can cause dryness, flaking, or even hair breakage.

In addition, you should remember that your scalp is made of your skin, and skin absorbs what is put on it.  The products you use on your scalp can be absorbed into your bloodstream.  Synthetic products can contain toxins that are irritating or even unsafe.

Don’t add to the problem

Not only are chemical products highly unsafe, they also tend to be less good for your hair, and may even harm more than they help.  Some products contain ingredients such as petroleum or sulphate which can dry hair even more.

Since dryness is already a problem with black hair, it is wise to choose hair products that don’t use ingredients that add to the problem even more.  Some substances such as mineral oil can clog pores and reduce circulation.

Choose well

To determine the best product for yourself, you need to understand what your hair needs.  Is your hair brittle and dry?  Do you want more shine and body?  Generally a product will tell you type of hair it is best for, but you should go one step further.

Read the ingredients list on your shampoo or styling product; the ingredient that is used the most will be listed first, and on down.  This way you can educate yourself on what is contained in the products you are purchasing.