Nail Paint For A Dusky Complexion


Nail polish or paint is a ritual that adds to the charm and beauty of well kept and maintained hands. While, that may be, dusky complexioned ladies find it difficult to find a nail polish or paint that looks good against their skin tone, while making their hands beautiful.

However, though it may be difficult to find suitable nail paint colour choices for those with a dark complexion, there are plenty of right choices to be made to offset your long albeit dusky hued fingers. Opt for natural or soft rose hues for the daytime. If, you have short nails, then forget all about dark coloured nail paint as it will only make your nails look shorter and your hands darker, bringing imperfections to the fore. You may get away with vivid shades if you have dark but well shaped hands.

For a polished and finished look, it is essential to paint finger and toenails with colours that not only match your makeup and outfit, but also compliment the colour of your hands and feet. Some excellent nail paint colours for dusky complexions include orange, metallic or shimmering rose shades, magentas with golden tints, fiery reds or jewel tones in red, mulberry, caramel, bronze or copper. Reds, chocolates and maroons go well with dusky complexions, while mauve and light shades should be avoided.

One thing is clear, if hands are well kept and shaped with long, tapered nails, any nail paint colour will look good on dusky complexions. Nails shouldn’t be brittle or chewed, cuticles should be neat not ragged, hands should be soft and moisturised. If, you still have trouble with nail paint for dusky complexions, the next best bet would be to go in for a French manicure. If not, then top off your nails with a couple of coats of tinted transparent nail paint!

You might not find transparent nail paint as interesting as rich, bright colours. However, you can dress up your nails with nail designs and jewellery. Pale, transparent nail paint makes the perfect background for nail jewellery and will offset your dusky complexion very nicely.