5 Myths About Sex

Myths About Sex

There are quite lot number of wrong information spread like grapevine related to sex. Let see some of them which may be crucial for new couple who will soon indulge into physical relationshipLess sex less love between couple: There are many couple who do not maintain the sexual relation for weeks and due to this factor they question themselves whether their sex life is over or affection between both has got over.

But sex frequency has nothing to do with love between partnersIf both partner’s body is completely prepared to have sex and enjoy then only they should make love, it hardly matter if it is every day, once a week or once in month.

Early Ejaculation Is A Disease

Depression Or Tension

30% males in the world some time or the other are prone to face the problem of early ejaculation. Fact is early ejaculation is more of psychological problem rather than any physical abnormality.  Unless there is any penis infection early ejaculation takes place due to extreme excitement, depression or tension.

To Conceive Women Need To Have Organism

This is complete myth. It is not necessary that until a woman has the organism man’s sperm will not be able to reach woman’s egg. Sperms are so potential enough that if done on right ovulation period they can approach the female’s egg even if she doesn’t have organism during sex.

Sex During Menstruation Should Be Avoided

Sex During Menstruation Should Be Avoided

During monthly menstruation uterus is quite sensitive due to ovulation. Hence in this period it might happen that male’s penis can wound the open mouth of uterus and this can further turn into infection.

But this situation can be treated as exceptional case. With proper care, couple’s mutual concern and by maintaining proper hygiene sex activity can be performed.

With Some Special Food Sex Can Be Made More Fun Full

Glass Full Of Milk Before Love Making

Some says have glass full of milk before love making, some says consume dark chocolate or strawberries to increase the gratification during sex. However reality is it has never been scientifically proved that any special food can increase the sex gratification or has any impact of sex life.

With Menopause Sex Life Ends

With Menopause Sex Life Ends

Majority number of women group think that with menopause their sex hormones will not secrete and sex life will come to end. But this is absolute myth. Although during menopause period due to hormonal changes there is negative impact on sex life but this is quite momentary problem. With husband’s support this period can easily be passed and woman can come out from physical and mantel strain.