Multiple orgasms

Ancient Taoist texts provide the earliest instruction on how men can experience multiple orgasms. As with other spiritual texts that discuss sexuality, the Taoist teachings are not simple technique. They come out of a philosophy and tradition. In the case of male multiple orgasms, there is a belief that ejaculation is an experience that depletes energy, and in order to build on your inner energy, you can have orgasms without ejaculating. Learning how to have male multiple orgasms also means that you can have several orgasms in a row.

Western sex researchers in the 40s and 50s wrote and studied this experience, but it did not make its way into the popular culture until the release of the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man by a teacher of Taoist practice, Mantak Chia. Master Chia brought traditional Taoist teachings to the attention of the West in a way previously unseen. With help from co-authors and teachers, he made many traditional concepts easily digestible for a Western audience that craves quick answers and easy solutions.

While her body rests from its latest mind-blowing peak, keep the momentum and energy going with your mouth, mind, lips, and tongue. OK, you could go down on her, but I’m talking about keeping her mind sexually engaged and her body humming with sweet words. You will be able to maintain her physical desire if you describe and tell her how amazing she feels, how incredible she looks as she explodes, and how she’s driving you insane with her beautiful body. Be creative and inventive with your words if you seek multiple orgasms. Women enjoy feeling a strong and firm grip on their body, so take hold of her as you ready her body for yet another orgasm. She’ll appreciate your pillow talk and physical desire. The sexier and more comfortable she feels, the more she’ll let go.

Women with multiple orgasms don’t just get them by accident. Having identified what they like, they choose the techniques that maximize their pleasure and communicate to their partners what arouses them most, the researchers report in Archives of Sexual Behavior.

More than anything, to transmute the sensations of physiology into the psychology of satisfaction takes a sensitive and communicative partnership. The emotional interaction that comes with partner involvement makes women who usually experience multiple orgasm more satisfied with sexual intercourse than their singly orgasmic sisters.

Able to satisfy more of their sexual needs, these women are well equipped to form stable, satisfying relationships. They may be the vanguard in bringing sex back home.